“Hero” Black Lives Matter Activist Punches Rick Moranis in His Dumb Nerd Face



ABC 7:

Police are searching for the man wanted in a random and violent attack on actor Rick Moranis in New York City.

Video shows the moment the man sucker-punched the 67-year-old actor in the head.

It happened Thursday at 7:24 a.m. on West 70th street near Central Park West on the Manhattan borough’s Upper West Side.

The attacker continued walking away after throwing the punch.

Moranis hurt his head, back and hip in the attack and went to the hospital for evaluation.

Black people are so awesome. I support this just BLM action against Rick Moranis.

I’ve been waiting my whole life for someone to sucker punch the annoying Jew Moranis.

When my family took me to watch “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids,” it was the first time my parents caught me speaking in ebonics, when I shouted out in the theater: “somebody best be botta punch that bitch ass faggot.”

Not so smug with a black man’s fist shoved in your face, are you Rick?

Maybe it’s time to learn that black lives matter?

Some people were too overwhelmed by their hatred for black people to recognize how funny it is to see this guy get punched in his smarmy, stupid face.

For example, Captain America actor Chris Evans hates black people and wants to “deconstruct” the BLM movement.

I am personally sickened by this kind of hatred for blacks in any context. However, in the current context of blacks being slaughtered by the police, it is unconscionable that Evans is calling for the activist to be “found” by the cops.

Just like the cops “found” Jacob Blake.

Here I was thinking we’d all agreed that the police are evil and they won’t be involved in dealing with blacks anymore. Until some Jew gets punched, then all of a sudden Hollywood movie stars are calling for the blood of black bodies.

Evans obviously wants to see what happened to George Floyd happen to the activist who punched Moranis, or he wouldn’t even suggest getting the police involved.

I doubt anyone is shocked that a man who plays a fascist in film is a fascist in real life.

In the Marvel Captain America films, his slogan was literally “Time to Die, [n-word],” as you can see on this poster:

The virulently extremist and neo-Nazi comic book writer Gail Simone also suggested that the activist be hunted down and killed by cops.

We’ve also learned once and for all where the sympathies of the Jews lie: with white supremacy.

So when you see a Jew out there saying he loves blacks, that he thinks blacks should dominate, that he thinks all whites should be replaced with blacks, that he wants to see blacks slaughter whites, remember this: when it comes down to it, they will send the police on a BLM activist.