Here’s Your White Pill – The Zoomers are Coming

You all have been telling me the site is too depressing, too BLACK PILLING.

Well, watch this video – it’s a WHITE PILL. It’s 40 minutes long, but you can put it on 1.5 or 2 speed. At least watch some of it.

This kid, John Doyle, is 20 years old, and he is absolutely on the ball.

He starts out talking about the idiocy of conservative and Republican marketing, with their whole bit of “if you’re poor it’s your fault.” This is basically true, but it doesn’t have any inherent meaning. “Vote for me, you’re poor and it’s your fault but at least I won’t take your guns away and force your son to cut his dick off” is probably the worst marketing of a political party ever in history. We should instead care about our nation as a whole, and care for the people of our nation – because the fact that a person is poor probably is his fault, but it has much less to do with anything he did than it does with his genetics. The peasants have always been less intelligent and less capable than the other classes, but it doesn’t mean they’re worthless and don’t deserve to be taken care of by the society. That is the kind of message that leads to a resurgence of communism in the year 2020, which is something no one would have imagined was possible.

He gives some basic information on conservative thinking and explains that the current “conservative” politicians are actually liberals, presenting a dumb ideology that no one cares about. Namely, they claim to want freedom “for freedom’s sake,” which is incoherent. The reason that our Founding Fathers gave us freedom was so that we could use that freedom to build families and Christian communities. Now that we are not doing that – now that we are a completely base and immoral nation – we shouldn’t be surprised that this freedom is being taken away.

He also points to the conservative idiocy of claiming that we have to give the other side all of these courtesies and that really, all we want is free speech and open debate. We do not want debate. They should be allowed to say what they want, but we do not need to respect what they are saying – they are arguing for child trannies and child murder, and their ideas should not be respected. We should not pretend, like Charlie Kirk does, that these are valid political ideas. They are not valid political ideas, these people are evil and they should be treated that way. They are a direct threat to our existence as a nation and even our existence as individual human beings.

Further, he breaks down several other bullshit conservative arguments, such as the idea that conservatives should support legal immigration because we need them for the free market economy – obviously, the fact that they vote Democrat means that if you let them in and they vote then your free market economy disappears.

The WHITE PILL however is not the content, but the kid himself, who is extremely sharp and has devoted his life to the cause of the revolution. I believe we are going to see many such kids on the way. Some millennials might think they can live out their life is some kind of peace, but Generation Z knows that this is not possible. They look around and see hell closing in, so there is no benefit to them in attempting to simply stay out of the way. As such, the intelligent boys of this generation are going to be rising up.

What’s more, they don’t have to figure anything out in the way I did. When I was his age, there was no internet right wing to explain everything that he lays out in this video. There was no “movement.” I had to go through and come to these conclusions on my own, without a single person there to point me in the right direction (well, Alex Jones was there, and he helped some, though back then he was running down a lot of dead end conspiracies that wasted a whole lot of my time).

I don’t know anything about John Doyle. This is the first video of his I’ve seen. But I would be ready to vote him into office, based on this presentation alone.

The other thing I want to point out to you young people is that you need to look at this kid and follow his model. Do what he is doing. Nick Fuentes is great, but he’s made enough missteps that he’s going to have a hard time getting into politics any time soon. Imagine then if this kid had been the person confronting Ben Shapiro, and Weasel Ben wasn’t able to give a 45 minute talk about a Cookie Monster joke. That would have changed all the dynamics of that situation, no?

None of that is to attack Nick in any way, it’s simply to say as a matter of fact that if you want to be politically viable, you have to avoid these traps that they lay out in the form of triggers for the normies. The normies are incapable of actual thought, they are entirely emotional creatures, and the emotional trigger landmines that are laid by the media simply have to be navigated around if you want to break into the mainstream. Obviously, Nick had to make those missteps in order for it to be obvious, so I don’t fault him at all. It is what it is.

But this is the new thing. We need guys like John Doyle. We don’t need anyone else to explain that the Holocaust is fake. If people don’t get that by now, they’re never going to get it. There is no need for more research into the Holocaust, and anyone who is talking about that is simply wasting time and ensuring that we don’t break into the mainstream. I mean, I will still talk about the Holocaust being fake – because I’m not trying to break into the mainstream. But even I don’t have any need to go over the details. All of the information is out there, and everyone who is going to figure it out has figured it out.

We need now to become politically viable, and this is how you do it.

Let me say this again, just so everyone is clear: when it comes to issues like the Jews, race realism, etc. – these taboos of our generation – the only people who are ever going to grasp that are non-normies, i.e., thinkers who have the capacity to formulate original thoughts. The overwhelming majority of people simply do not have that ability. That is just a fact. I’m sorry if that bothers you, but it is just reality. The masses of people are herd animals who cannot possibly ever navigate the emotional trigger landmines laid out by the Jews. They will only ever be able to follow something that is presented as being part of the mainstream. The thinking people have all already been reached and they have made their decisions about where they stand. That mission is now officially over. I can continue to put out new ideas, such as about religion, for the perusal of you, the thinking man. But the idea that we need more thinkers on board in order to push a political agenda is simply wrong. A political agenda is relatively simple, and thinking people do not need to agree about every detail in order to get behind a political agenda.

That means that our primary goal right now needs to be getting our ideas into a form that allows for political viability. That is the only thing that matters. What we have seen with the Alt-Right is that instead of doing that obvious next step, many of the thinking people in “the movement” instead tried to “bring back the magic” of the last phase by inventing new, weird ideologies – “White Communist Third-Worldism” being one of the primary instances – and trying to convince other thinking people of these new ideologies. This is absolute cancer, and it is what crushed the remainder of the Alt-Right. Seriously, go look at any of the old Alt-Right people – they are all just spewing weird gibberish and trying to convince each other of different weird things. It’s actually pathological.

The time for developing an ideology is over. We’ve already done that and we’ve all basically agreed that we want a right-wing, family-based, Christian, immigration-free society. Now, we need to enact that by any means necessary. We do not need to continue inventing new ideologies or talking endlessly in circles about stuff we all already understand.

The time is now. The economy has collapsed. They’re trying to create a police state. The left is going nuts. The blacks are rioting. This is the time.

Let’s get it together here, people.

We only get one shot at this.