Here’s Your Chipmunk Jewess Hero, Goyim!

Bari Weiss is a fat Jew woman.

In terms of politics, she’s on par with gay Jew Dave Rubin, orthodox Jewish supremacist Ben Shapiro, hypnotist Jew Sam Harris, and fat Jew Eric Weinstein.

Along with their token goy Jordan Peterson, these people are called “the intellectual dark web.” Weiss coined that term.

She quit the New York Times in a public spectacle to make herself a figure who is supposed to be some kind of “reasonable centrist” concerned that “wokeness has gone too far.”

However, she is still fat.

When she appeared on Joe Rogan, it was clear that she doesn’t really know very much about anything at all, and can’t really talk about subjects in any sort of depth.

We learned in that interview that her entire purpose is to defend the Jews.

She defended Zionism explicitly.

She also attacked Tulsi Gabbard for not loving Israel enough.

(Bitch looked like garbage on that show like wow bitch put on some lipstick at least bitch wow.)

She’s just a dumb millennial. Like as dumb as any millennial bitch you’ve seen. She sifts through the right-wing, and finds easy talking points that are not offensive to Jewishness, then goes up and says “I’m the figurehead spearheading a movement for reasonableness!”

So, it wasn’t surprising that she was who CNN brought on to “push back” against their narrative.

I’m not really against anything she’s saying in that clip – but it’s all very basic, and very superficial.

We have underlying problems that aren’t going to be solved by saying “it’s not really racist to talk about the coronavirus.”

This is obviously just a filter – she takes people who might not be fully on board with child trannies dancing at gay nightclubs and says “we can still be reasonable, like in 2011.”

CNN can bring her on without worrying she’s going to come on and say “GOOGLE BLACK CUBE.”

She just goes with very safe, very benign and dull talking points.

Everyone feels good.