Here’s How Trump Could Offer a Free College Program and Shake the J-Left Stranglehold Over Education

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
August 12, 2018

Here’s how Bernie can still win.

I was listening to the latest Fash The Nation yesterday (paycucks only) and was struck by one of their hot takes. They mention that Trump should offer some sort of free college tuition program for the 2020 elections, in order to undercut the commie-populist wing of the Democratic party.

After all, that’s about the only truly popular agenda that Bernie promoted, and it endeared him with an entire generation of SWPL teenagers who don’t want to spend their entire lives saddled with college debt.

That idea really got my noggin’ joggin’, not only in terms of how effective it’d be at securing the 2020 election, but over its potential for changing the face of America for the better.

But first, some background.

Education is already one of the biggest spending items of the US government, if you combine state and federal budgets.

Over a TRILLION fucking dollars.

That’s WELL over $10,000 per student in the country. An absurd number. Imagine if families had the option of receiving $10,000 per child per year for homeschooling?

My point is, school should already be free at every level, considering the insane amount of money we’re spending on education. So the money is there. It’s just a question of shifting around where we’re spending it.

My basic idea for a “Trumpian free college tuition” program would be to make massive cuts to college subsidies, and then offer free tuition to students – for select programs.

And by select programs, let me tell you I’m not talking about women’s studies.

Basically, every year, the government consults industry to figure out what are the most sought after types of graduates, and then selects those college programs to be free for those who can pass admittance tests. Obviously, no business needs sociologists or any of that Jew crap that’s taken over modern universities.

Thus, students would have the choice between studying things like electrical engineering for free, or paying exorbitant amounts of money to go into clown world programs like “art history” or “Black studies.”

This would instantly shift the balance of power in academia out of the hands of Jews, who congregate in the human sciences rather than STEM fields like engineering and mathematics.

It would also de facto be a subsidy to White (and Asian) kids, since ain’t no nigga gun study mathalematics.

Sorry Shlomo – that won’t fly no more.

And so the results would be:

  • Free college tuition for White and Asians who want to study productive fields.
  • Less kids studying in bullshit Jew brainwashing programs.
  • Popularity boost for Trump with young people.
  • Can actually decrease education spending, and lower taxes.

Obviously, this wouldn’t be easy. As the video I’ve linked to before explains, the education industry is probably the biggest and strongest lobby in America after the Israeli lobby. However, with clever maneuvering and trickery, something close to it could be achieved.