Here’s a Shocker: No One Gives a Shit About Trump’s Red Scare Gobbledygook

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 29, 2019

The absolute state of this country.

Both parties are campaigning on sexual fantasies from 1950s men’s magazines.

Democrat platform

Republican platform

Donald Trump failed to deliver even one single promise to the American people.

The plan was to pivot from being FOR something to being AGAINST something – that something being the boogieman of SOCIALISM.

I said as soon as he rolled this nonsense out that no one cared.

As it turns out, we looked at the data, and what we found might surprise no one other than the most out of touch and confused boomers running Trump’s team of advisors.


In this scruffy, high-desert town encircled by prairies and potato farms, Sen. Cory Gardner drew shouts of approval last week for his message that Democrats are shoving the country toward socialism.

“That’s not what government is or what it should be,” he told about 200 Alamosa County Republicans at a barbecue fundraiser in a National Guard armory. “We have to stand up and fight. Are you going to join me in this fight?”

For Gardner and other Republicans making the same pitch , including President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the key question is whether it will attract moderate voters, not just their conservative stalwarts. Based on interviews with over three dozen Coloradans last week from Denver’s suburbs south to this town in the flat San Luis Valley, the argument has yet to take root, though the GOP has 18 months to sell it before Election Day 2020.

Few volunteered a drift toward socialism as a major worry, with health care and living costs cited far more frequently. Several said capitalism was too embedded in the U.S. to be truly threatened and Republicans were using socialism to stir unease with Democrats by raising the specter of the old, repressive Soviet Union and today’s chaotic Venezuela.

“They’re preying on fear,” said David Kraemer, 67, a financial adviser who’s not registered with a political party and lives in the Denver suburb of Westminster.

Yeah, that’s the whole thing.


Trump was selling hope, now he’s peddling fear – and not even of something that is actually scary, because most things that people should fear he now supports.

He’s peddling fear of an absurd boogieman.

I’m old enough to remember when Donald Trump was fighting globalism.

What even is socialism in this new context?

If he’s talking about the government giving people free things – well, I don’t know about you, but I think this government owes me something. A lot, in fact. It sure has taken a lot from me and my people.

If he’s talking about the government infringing on people’s individual rights – well, that already happened and he has done nothing to try to slow it.

“Fighting socialism” is literal nonsensical gibberish.

And it isn’t only Colorado that doesn’t care about this goofy gibberish, obviously.

You can poll anywhere in the country, and no one is going to list “an impending socialist takeover of America” as being among their top 10 or even top 50 concerns.

For most people, it would fall somewhere between “the earth crashing into the sun” and “an invasion of earth by hostile insectoid aliens.”

Trump’s people probably have some understanding of this, but think they can use Trump’s personality cult to build this up as something people can rally behind.

“We might not be able to make America great again, but at least we can try to stop it from being taken over by socialism” is a long slogan for a hat, so the words are going to have to be really small.

I would legitimately have more respect for Trump if he was campaigning on stopping an invasion by space aliens.

At least that would be funny and interesting, and there would be good memes.

And again – it is a more legitimate concern.

We could in fact be invaded by aliens from another planet at any moment. There is a nonzero chance of that happening. There is zero chance that Ocasio-Cortez is going to shut down all electricity and make us live like the Amish – and if she was going to do that, I would support it.

Trump should have just stuck with “I’m trying my best but I just can’t do anything.”

People sympathized with that.

A hard pivot from building a wall and removing all the immigrants to bringing in more immigrants and stopping socialism is probably the worst debacle in all of political history.

If Trump does only one thing, one thing only, and passes a law that says every major internet company has to respect the First Amendment, I will personally run his campaign and get him reelected on a platform of stopping an imminent invasion by space aliens.

I guarantee I can get all of his voters to forget completely about immigration and the wall and get 100% on board with an anti-alien platform.

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