Helsinki: Finn Cops Give Global Warming Hoaxer Sluts What They Deserve

This series of photos from a recent “Extinction Rebellion” event in Helsinki, Finland posted to Instagram shows the only way to deal with hippies.

Their gay little masks can’t protect them from chemical spray!

Extinction Rebellion, which stylizes itself “XR,” is a terrorist group that believes that human beings are changing the weather by driving cars, and that the solution to the problem is massive taxes on the middle class paid to the United Nations. They are also communists.

There are few problems on earth that cannot be solved with increased police brutality. It is also hilarious to watch these sluts and their gay faggot supporters getting what they deserve from the cops.

Faggots on the internet are now whining, as they are wont to do, and saying that it is bad to abuse protesters.

But is it bad?

If so, why?

Don’t women deserve to be abused? What about homos? Surely, they deserve strict abuse?

What is the argument against it?

They do not say.

Further, I have a question: why do all of these global warming people use these satanic symbols?

Does anyone else find that strange?