Helicopter of Judgement Hunts Down Cartel Speedboat with 1,860 Kilos of Cocaine

Luis Castillo (edited from original by Fernando Guerra)
Daily Stormer
August 16, 2018

This is what happens when these inbred narcos try to play Scarface, and think they can be like Tony Montana.

Whiter than you, México.

They think it’ll be easy money, no hard work.

This is the typical, lazy worldview of the Aztec people. It is their docile service to instant gratification, with no contemplation of risk or consequence, which leads them down a path comparable to niggerdom.

In their race to become rich with ill-gained money, they forgot one thing.

They forgot about the helicopters.

One must never forget the helicopters.

RT: (Spanish)

Last Thursday, Marines of the Armada of Mexico pursued a boat of drug trafficers which was moving almost two tonnes of cocaine on board, seizing the shipment of drugs and capturing one of the suspects – a man of ecuatorian nationality – 161 kilometers to the southeast of the city of Acapulco, according to El Sol de México.

In a recording published to the Internet, it can be seen that two of the wrongdoers manage to reach the coast and continue their escape on foot.

As if working to counterpose the great revival of Donald Trump, which has managed to awaken a bit of rage in the White population, the drug cartels continue their work on the border, trying to push more addiction into the USA.

It is an ancient strategy. The English already did it in their day with the Chinese and the Opium. This is the introduction of huge quantities of drugs to fry the people’s productive capacity and capacity for resistance. Not long ago, they were more worried about their daily hit than eating rice with sticks.

I personally support this. It is more than evident that each race has its differences, and the subhumans like the Aztecs and negroes are the races most given to moral indifference and sexual degeneracy.

Offering them drugs is like handing out candy on a playground. You’ve literally got your work done for you already.

That which is known as black “music” is no more than an attempt at imitation, camouflaged with low and high rhythms.

The problem comes when you invade a country, mix with them, and you give them a few individuals with suficient intelligence to do the same thing to you, with enough intelligence to copy you but not with the ability to create.

Admit it, Mexico – this was an EPIC FAIL.

From those dusts comes this mud. It’s never been said better.

The white minorities in Latin America now have the enormous task of reconquering their respective countries.

The true Amerimutt.

With this touch of intellect that we gave them, they now enter to destroy the White population of the United States, crossing over their 2,000 or so points of entry.

Hundreds of fat beaners wander the streets of the United States, offering the Anglo-Saxon children a unique experience. If they don’t accept (because their father is a puto nazi fascista who has educated them correctly) the beaner menace will probably rob all the money they have on them.

México, please…

You were not originally like this. You must clean your own image, and cast off the subhumans that run freely among you. You still have the blood of Europe, it is the last call, the last opportunity you have to recover yourself.

Sincerely, the Jews are evidently behind the entry of drugs into the United States, just like in Spain. When you see the entire web they have to think and organize their operations, who in their right mind would think that this is being done by four shitskins in the desert?

There is obviously a thinking head behind all of this, in the same way that the negroes aren’t going to buy or build a boat to cross into Europe, but rather people like Soros have to rub on the vaseline and get everything ready to invade the West.

The Jew doesn’t want the party to stop.

The drugs must not stop coming into white countries.