Helicopter Fires Grenades at Venezuela’s Supreme Court Building

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
June 28, 2017

Exclusive footage of the helicopter attack courtesy of the Daily Stormer’s Latin America division!

A few days ago I wrote an article describing how Venezuela was turning into a Latino version of Mad Max. That was not satire.

Today somebody stole a helicopter and was firing grenades at Venezuela’s Supreme Court building.


President Nicolas Maduro said a stolen police helicopter fired on Venezuela’s Supreme Court Tuesday in what he called a thwarted “terrorist attack” aimed at ousting him from power.

The confusing exchange, which is bound to ratchet up tensions in a country already paralyzed by months of deadly anti-government protests, took place as Maduro was speaking live on state television. He later told the audience of pro-government journalists that the helicopter had fired on the court with grenades. He said the nation’s air defense system was immediately activated and one of the grenades didn’t explode, preventing any loss of life.

“It could’ve caused a tragedy with several dozen dead and injured,” said Maduro, who sounded alternately calm and angry as he told the audience about what had happened in the airspace just beyond the presidential palace where they were gathered.

Adding to the intrigue, pictures of a blue police helicopter carrying an anti-government banner appeared on social media around the same time as a video in which a police pilot, identified as Oscar Perez, called for a rebellion against Maduro’s “tyranny” as part of a coalition of members of the security forces.

Clearly, the situation is not improving. Maduro recently alluded to arming his supporters to fight the opposition.

It looks like a civil war is pretty much inevitable. The nation’s economy is in ruins and a large portion of the population does not have food to eat. The people are becoming desperate. It is honestly surprising that we haven’t seen more violence considering the gravity of the situation.

Don’t be surprised to see lots of blood shed in the streets of Caracas this summer. We’ll probably see things that will make this helicopter attack look tame in comparison.

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