Heinrich Himmler’s Letters to Antisemitic Wife Don’t Contain a Single Mention of the Shoah

Eli Stenson
Daily Stormer
February 26, 2015

Behold, the evil Nazi bastard who gassed sixty billion Jews in the 1940s.
Behold, the evil Nazi bastard who gassed sixty billion Jews in the 1940s.

Heinrich Himmler, the man supposedly responsible for the Shoah, which involved sending billions of Jews to their deaths in wooden shower rooms, apparently never mentioned his diabolical actions in letters to his wife Margarete, who was also Antisemitic.

This revelation comes after a German newspaper recently published excerpts of Himmler’s letters, as well as some of his photos and diary entries.


The stash of documents is currently being held in a bank in Tel Aviv and has been authenticated by the German Federal Archives – considered to be one of the world’s leading authorities on material from the period.

“I am traveling to Auschwitz. Kisses, your Heini,” he wrote before setting off to Auschwitz, where he orchestrated the killing of 1.5 million people, mostly Jews.

The letters have been poured over by historians for three years in order to test their authenticity. German daily Die Welt published excerpts from the cache on Sunday.

“At first glance Himmler’s letters, especially his early ones to his wife, revolve around mundane things. But they say much about the world of ideas and the self-image of an apparently unfeeling, self-righteous bureaucrat who became the pioneer and chief organizer of humanity’s greatest crime – the Holocaust,” an editorial in Die Welt reads.

“There was no word about the countless crimes in which he was involved as Reichsführer-SS. Not a word about the persecution and murder of approximately six million Jews. And barely a word about the ghettos, guarded by his SS and his police, and the death camps, which he also attended,” it continues.

I’ll admit, it’s strange to hear that the Shoah is not mentioned, because it’s a historical fact that billions of Jews were gassed in wooden shower rooms. And if you question or deny this, then you deserve to reside in a cramped prison along with thieves, murderers, non-Whites, and other Shoah-denying losers.