Hebrew Hematoma: Jew Pfizer CEO Plans to Vax Every American Child

It’s difficult to process that this is actually happening in real life.


Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said Tuesday the U.S. government has ordered enough Covid-19 vaccine doses to cover every child in the country, as a Centers for Disease Control panel meets to decide whether to recommend authorization of the shots for kids ages 5 to 11.

“The U.S. government has placed orders with us that basically covers every kid in this country. So, the supply will be there and hopefully a lot of kids will benefit from it,” Bourla said on CNBC’s “The Exchange.”

Pfizer vaccines for kids ages 5 to 11 were authorized by the Food and Drug Administration on Friday. On Tuesday, the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices was reviewing data before deciding on whether to recommend the shots for children in that age group. The committee’s recommendation could impact CDC Director Rochelle Wallensky’s decision to clear the vaccines for distribution.

Kids could begin receiving their shots Tuesday evening if Walensky acts quickly on the panel’s expected recommendation. The CDC approved Pfizer vaccines for kids aged 12-15 in May, just hours after the advisory committee recommended the shots for that age cohort.

Yes, Bourla is Jewish.

Rochelle Walensky is also Jewish.

And no, there is no threat to children from the alleged virus.

In fact, even The Science doesn’t make that claim. The claim is that kids have to be vaxed so they don’t infect their grandparents while having no symptoms.

Children are going to die from this, of course.

Most of them will probably have heart damage and other permanent medical disorders.

The government doesn’t care and vaxers do not care. The only thing they care about is whining about a fake virus.

It’s amazing.