Heavily Redacted FISA Warrant Finally Released – No Relevant Information Included

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 22, 2018

Truly, it is the neverending story.

We are back to Carter Page.

Page was such a minor figure in the campaign. He was a volunteer advisor. But he has been this huge part of the kookpsiracy.

Honestly, I’m still not convinced that this guy wasn’t a cop, specifically inserted into the campaign to look suspicious. Because look – he had been doing these “business deals” in Russia. He could have been in Russia as a spy. And then send in by the FBI (who was working with CIA assets, we know, because Stefan Halper was a CIA asset apparently on loan to the FBI) to make it look like Trump was working with Russians.

Are you following me here?

They used their own spy who was working in Russia as evidence of collaboration with Russia, which then gave them the ability to get a FISA warrant to spy on the entire Trump campaign (at the behest of Obama and his Jew masters, who were looking for a way to destroy Trump, and needed an excuse to go fishing around with wiretaps).

I mean I don’t know that, but that’s been the theory for a while.

It’s a little bit like how they wrote their own intelligence dossier (pissgate) and used it to get FISA warrants.


The FBI on Saturday released a redacted version of its previously classified foreign surveillance warrant application on Trump campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page, which has been the subject of a heated partisan debate over the FBI’s tactics investigating members of the Trump campaign.

The FBI released the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant application after news organizations and advocacy groups like Judicial Watch sued for its disclosure.

The warrant, which was approved for Page in 2016, allowed the FBI to conduct surveillance on Page. It’s been one of the key moves that Republicans have charged is evidence of a pattern of abuse by the Justice Department and the FBI targeting the Trump campaign.

The release itself is significant as it marks the first public disclosure of a highly sensitive FISA request. Information included in the request had been largely reported through two declassified memos released separately by Republicans and Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee, but Saturday’s disclosure puts the FBI’s own argument in black and white for the first time.

Yeah a whole lot of black.

These fucking people, man.

The more than 400-page document released Saturday, which includes the initial October 2016 FISA warrant on Page and three subsequent renewals, is heavily redacted.

Pretty much all of the non-redacted parts are quoted in this CNN piece.

Fucking Rosenstein.

If the shit is over already, what is the point of redacting it?

It states that the FBI “believes Page has been the subject of targeted recruitment by the Russian government.”

Which certainly fits with my theory (credit to Jazzhands as well for developing a similar theory and helping me with mine).

Doesn’t it?

That they sent him in as a honey trap. And even if the FSB picked up on it and didn’t go along with it, they could still claim they did because he is exactly the kind of person who you are supposed to suspect of this sort of thing.

A “businessman” operating in Moscow.

The FBI believes that Page has been collaborating and conspiring with the Russian government,” the application states, adding that “there is probable cause that such activities involve or are about to involve violations of the criminal statutes of the United States.

The application says that a significant purpose of the request is to “collect foreign intelligence information as part of the FBI’s investigation of this target.

It does have some information about Page’s activities, which included a July 2016 trip to Russia in which Page was accused in the opposition research dossier of having met with a top Russian energy official, something Page denies.

Again – could have done that on assignment from the CIA.

Anyway – what the hell does this have to do with Donald Trump? This guy was a volunteer in the campaign, but the FISA warrant allowed the Feds to monitor virtually the entire campaign.

The application notes that Page sent a letter to then-FBI Director James Comey to deny the accusation two days after a news story came out stating that Page was under investigation.

Signatures from top FBI and Justice Department officials, including Comey, and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appear on each of the four applications.

But none of the three could tell Congress anything about it.

Comey could not recall, McCabe said it was all a secret and Rosenstein just smirked.

Page has denied that he ever cut any political deals with the Kremlin.

The FISA warrant that was issued and renewed multiple times for Page was the subject of the memo written by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes that charged the FBI abused its surveillance powers.

Conservative critics of special counsel Robert Mueller have argued that the FISA warrant is tainted — based on the opposition research dossier on Trump and Russia that was paid for by Democrats — and that because the FISA warrant helped launch the FBI investigation into Trump and Russia, the whole investigation is tainted.

Tainted with piss. 

Democrats, however, say that the FISA warrant on Page was justified because of his contacts with Russia, and they argue that the FBI and Justice Department followed proper procedure in seeking and getting the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to approve the warrant.

Justified with piss? 


Send it back.

Get a less redacted version.

I think they are redacting pissgate stuff because they want to give the impression they had more than pissgate and “oh this guy maybe had a meeting in Russia.”


Another step in the unraveling.

But yeah, nothing actually new here – all stuff Nunes already said. Whatever would have been new is redacted.

Fucking kike Rosenstein.

Impeach the dirty Jew bastard already.

And fire Sessions.

This all goes back to Sessions recusing because kike groper Fraken made him feel bad.

I am so sick of following all of this and trying to remember the details. With all the other stuff I do.

Do you guys even like these articles?

I wish I had a Jazzhands tier expert to just write all of the Russiagate stuff for us so I could focus on stuff I like writing about. This is all just so complicated and never ending.

But I don’t feel like anyone else is really covering it in a serious way, other than to an extent – don’t laugh – Sean Hannity.

But he has a staff reading all this shit and putting together notes on it – I’m here just trying to do it myself.

And Hannity’s takes aren’t as WOKE.

He wouldn’t suggest Carter Page is a CIA agent. And Jazzhands did suggest that, but FtN is so focused on domestic stuff.

Anyway, someday we are going to get enough DONATIONS (SHEKELS PLZ) that we are going to have an ultra serious staff covering all of the various topics instead of me just trying to do everything.

I mean we have a great staff right now.

But it just isn’t big enough… I’m still writing I think 65ish% of the words on this site.

Roy’s been killing it though, right?