Heather Heyer’s Parents are Very Fat People

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
September 4, 2017

Heather Heyer’s mom Susan Bro is very fat.

I am proud to be associated with a media operation like the Daily Stormer which believes in raising awareness about obesity. There are far too many fat people wandering around in our societies. It has become a major health crisis that needs to be corrected.

It is alarming that a group of Silicon Valley companies have conspired to ban the Daily Stormer from the tubes simply for spreading this important message. The childless 30-something female Heather Heyer who allegedly died from a car crash during the Battle of Charlottesville would still be alive today if she wasn’t so damn fat. Why these technology companies want to censor this message is beyond me. Do they really think having a large number of fat people in society is a good thing?

Admittedly, there is some debate over how Heather died. Some are arguing that she died because she was too fat to get out of the way of the speeding Dodge Challenger which crashed into those automobiles. Others are arguing that she died from a heart attack. Both are plausible explanations. There is one thing that can’t be debated and that is the fact that she is dead because she was fat. A proper autopsy should have been performed so we could know – however, if an autopsy was performed, it hasn’t been released (and it is possible/probable that her parents requested that no autopsy be performed given that it was obvious she died of a heart attack).

It’d be terrible if Dodge’s brand of Challenger automobiles got a bad rap if she died from a heart attack. There definitely needs to be an after action review of everything that took place since there’s lots of unanswered questions here!

Heather Heyer’s dad Mark Heyer is very fat.

But why was she so fat to begin with? When one looks at her parents we begin to get a better picture. Both of her parents Susan Bro and Mark Heyer are morbidly obese individuals. They aren’t just slightly fat, they are disgustingly fat. We are talking about the type of fat that causes a normal person to vomit uncontrollably if they are forced to be near them or watch video of their movement patterns.

They obviously set a very bad example for their daughter. By them not maintaining a normal body weight, Heather assumed that it was perfectly normal to be fat. This assumption led her to becoming fat like her parents which ultimately resulted in her death.

It is insane to think that there are big organizations with billions of dollars that want to stifle the Daily Stormer’s obesity awareness campaign. We are only trying to save lives here. Don’t these people understand that people are going to die if our campaign doesn’t succeed? Talk about sick! They have much to answer for!