“Heartbeat” Abortion Bans Advancing in South and Midwest May Make Killing Babies Harder for Women

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
May 13, 2019

There is an ongoing and blatant assault on women’s bodily autonomy that seeks to deny them their vagina-given right to murder their own babies.


If a new Mississippi law survives a court challenge, it will be nearly impossible for most pregnant women to get an abortion there.

Or, potentially, in neighboring Louisiana. Or Alabama. Or Georgia.

The Louisiana legislature is halfway toward passing a law — like the ones enacted in Mississippi and Georgia — that will ban abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected, about six weeks into a pregnancy and before many women know they’re pregnant. Alabama is on the cusp of approving an even more restrictive bill.

State governments are on a course to virtually eliminate abortion access in large chunks of the Deep South and Midwest. Ohio and Kentucky also have passed heartbeat laws; Missouri’s Republican-controlled legislature is considering one.

Bbbb-but pro-choice demons told me fetuses were just clump of cells! How can they have a heartbeat when they’re only six weeks old?

Already, Mississippi mandates a 24-hour wait between an in-person consultation. That means women must make at least two trips to her clinic, often traveling long distances.

Whoa, TWO FULL TRIPS to the clinic!?

What kind of primitive patriarchal society of women-hating, closeted homosexual pigs with fragile masculinity syndrome would require its women to make two full trips to a clinic to get an abortion?

This shows you we still have much Progress to make.

Women should be able to abort their babies by pushing a button from some app on their smartphone. This is current year, not the Middle Ages.

Other states have passed similar, incremental laws restricting abortion in recent years, and aside from Mississippi, five states have just one clinic — Kentucky, Missouri, North and South Dakota, and West Virginia. But the latest efforts to bar the procedure represent the largest assault on abortion rights in decades.

Lawmakers sponsoring the bans have made it clear their goal is to spark court challenges in hopes of ultimately overturning the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion.

Those challenges have begun. Derzis’ attorneys are scheduled to go before a judge on May 21, seeking to prevent Mississippi’s heartbeat law from taking effect July 1.

A judge in Kentucky blocked enforcement of that state’s heartbeat ban after the American Civil Liberties Union filed suit on behalf of the clinic in Louisville.

Similar legal action is expected before bans can take effect in Ohio and Georgia, where Republican Gov. Brian Kemp signed the latest heartbeat bill into law Tuesday. Kemp said he welcomed the fight, vowing: “We will not back down.”

Georgia’s ban doesn’t take effect until Jan. 1. But the impact was immediate.

An abortion clinic operated by The Women’s Centers in Atlanta began receiving anxious calls from patients soon after Kemp signed the law. Many callers had plans to travel from outside the state for abortions. Georgia’s heartbeat ban would have a wider impact because the state has 17 abortion clinics — more than the combined total in the other four Southern states that have passed or are considering bans.

Oh, the horror! Women will have to give birth to their kids instead of killing and removing them in pieces.

Is this Nazi Germany?!

Advocates for abortion rights expect judges to halt enforcement of any new bans while lawsuits work their way through the courts. That could take years.

These laws are blatantly unconstitutional,” said Elisabeth Smith, chief counsel for state policy and advocacy for the Center for Reproductive Rights, which also has filed suit over Mississippi’s ban. “But if they were allowed to go into force, they would have devastating consequences for the residents of all of these states.”

In the modern world, banning the killing of humans with a heartbeat is blatantly unconstitutional if Moloch can feed on them.

I’m not asking you to support access to abortion,” King-Shepherd said. “I’m only asking you to let women, their families, their physicians and their God make this decision on how they want to start their families in private and trust them to do that.”

Women can already make that decision. They can:

  • Have sex or not
  • Take birth control pills or not
  • Demand the use of condoms or not
  • Use any form of contraception or not

By the time a woman is pregnant, she already started her family. She already made those decisions.

Asking for an abortion is asking for the possibility of destroying the family she already started and pretending it never happened.

It’s a type of feminine time travel.

Women are currently killing their babies because they want to continue whoring around and working some irrelevant office job. Their decisions on how and when to start their families are wrong — just like most of the decisions they make — and you can verify this by checking out white birthrates anywhere. These “decisions” we allow them to “make” are driving us to extinction.

The entire concept of feminism is that women should have all of the powers of men with zero of the responsibilities. Thus, banning abortion effectively kills the entire feminist program, which is why they are so obsessed with it.