Heart-Warming! Michelle Obama and George Bush are Adorbs Together!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 4, 2018

Double-Ya and Michelle enjoyed a touching moment the other day.


Who knew Democrats and Republicans spoke to each other outside of work hours? Apparently not everyone, since the moment George Bush passed some candy to Michelle Obama at John McCain’s funeral sent social media into meltdown.

The seemingly mundane moment — former President George W. Bush caught on camera handing some kind of sweet to the former First Lady — has turned into one of the most shared moments from McCain’s funeral.

It all started when Roland Scahill, a former theater agent convicted of fraud for conning investors into backing a nonexistent play in 2017, shared a four-second clip of the candy-passing moment on Twitter, which was then retweeted more than 111,000 times.

Yeah, it was touching.

The Mono-Party. Passing candy. Passing money. Passing secrets. All not-so-secretly on the same team. All of them anti-Trump.

It warms my heart to see these people – who in theory are supposed to be enemies – actually getting along quite well.

Some people might think that this validates those conspiracy theorists who say that there isn’t really much of a difference between the two parties.

These people shouldn’t be listened to though, of course.

Even journalists and pundits couldn’t handle the feels they were experiencing seeing the former president sneakily pass the candy to Obama. The official Twitter account for MSNBC tweeted out the video as a moment of “bipartisanship.” Forbes Media Executive Vice President Moira Forbes had a similar thought, referring to the moment as “bipartisanship at its best.”

Some took it even further, however. One CNN contributor, Robert Maguire, tweeted that it “might be the video that saves the Republic,” while CNN producer Caroline Kenny gushed about the “cute” relationship shared between Bush and Obama. Real Daily Wire editor Emily Zanotti suggested the two pals needed a reality TV show to themselves.

Few mentioned how grotesque it was. Imagine seeing the superhero meeting up with the supervillain for drinks as the end credits roll. They weren’t really enemies, they just played it up for the citizens of Gotham or wherever.

That’d be nice, right?

Or seeing the District Attorney smiling and eating candy handed to him by the city mob boss. Also heart-warming. Bi-partisan even.

Cops and Robbers. Cowboys and Indians. Red Team and Blue Team.

The Republicans and the Democrats. 

It is all so sweet.

After the game, the masks come off and they all head to the same watering hole together.

They were friends all along. 

Possibly even gay together.

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