Headstones with Swastikas to be Removed from Graves of German Soldiers in US

There is an old Latin expression that goes de mortuis nihil nisi bonum, which literally translates to of the dead, say nothing but good, a saying which originally comes from Greek and is generally attributed to Chilon of Sparta.

What Chilon meant to say by this is that you shouldn’t get into fights with dead people because that’s gay and retarded, and because most people are neither gay nor retarded – or at least they didn’t used to be – they agreed, hence why the phrase caught on.

America today is not run by any people who aren’t gay or retarded.

Daily Mail:

The Department of Veterans Affairs is to remove grave headstones of World War Two German prisoners of war that display swastikas and markings related to the Nazi regime at cemeteries in Texas and Utah.

The VA said Monday in a statement that it has decided to replace the headstones on gravesites of three German POWs. Two are located at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery in San Antonio, Texas, and one is at Fort Douglas Post Cemetery in Salt Lake City, Utah.

It was a change of heart by the VA, which had said as recently as last week that there were no plans to change the grave markers.

The VA will begin the process to remove the graves later this month, it was announced.

‘Americans must always remember the horror of the Nazi regime and why so many Americans sacrificed so much to free the world from its reign of terror,’ VA Secretary Robert Wilkie said in a statement.

‘It is understandably upsetting to our veterans and their families to see Nazi inscriptions near those who gave their lives for this nation.’

I wonder where the sudden change of heart came from.



Looking at the guy who’s at least nominally in charge…

Robert Wilkie

… I might even believe there’s some pictures somewhere of him in a dress, playing with some little boys.

Would anyone be surprised?

Last week, members of the Texas congressional delegation condemned the markings on the headstones in a letter sent to Wilkie.

But he had initially expressed that he didn’t plan to disturb the gravesites.

In a House panel testimony last week, Wilkie said he would consider the matter but not to expect a swift response, San Antonio Express-News reported.

But that took a turn Monday when the VA announced it will begin the required legal action to replace headstones that bear symbols and text referencing the Nazis that millions of Americans fought during World War II.

Wilkie didn´t explain the abrupt change in his decision but said he wanted to replace the headstones quickly. It’s not clear how long that would take.

Since they’ve been around for so long without anyone complaining, I’m guessing very few of those millions of Americans who actually fought against the Germans had a problem with them.

More likely, the people they were fighting on behalf of without knowing are the only ones that have a problem with them.

One of the headstones shows that a prisoner was awarded the Iron Cross, a German military decoration for valor.

The other two show a modified Iron Cross, which depicts a swastika within a cross.

Also carved on two headstones is an inscription in German, which translates into English as: ‘He died far from his home for the Führer, people and fatherland.’

The VA said it doesn´t have unilateral authority to remove the headstones because they´re in cemeteries protected by the National Historic Preservation Act.

Later this month, the agency will follow that law to seek guidance from stakeholders on how to replace the headstones with historically accurate markers that don´t show the Nazi swastika and German text.

You’re already doing away with the historical accuracy, so quit pretending that you care.

Normal people don’t get hysterical about their long-dead enemies like this.

Jews, on the other hand, never stop hating their enemies.

Literally every celebration or commemoration of theirs, religious or otherwise, is related somehow to them fighting enemies that hated them for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

The funny thing is, if Jews really do manage to destroy us like they’re trying, we’ll still live on forever in their petty psychoses.