Head Stomping and Track-Diving: Philthadelphia Negroes All-Against-All

Modern Heretic
April 25, 2014

African America.

As the U.S.S.A. enters its final days it’s now clear what the immediate future holds. First the efforts to hunt down every last White, from “Knockout Game” attacks to formal policies of genocide from our criminal jew government. When Whites are gone the “minorities” will turn on each other and everything will burn. We’ll get more grainy videos of brown blobs running wild, more excuses from professional liars and more blame placed at the feet of the shrinking White population. Our job is to survive this coming twilight of the ZOG and rebuild a White nation from the rubble. We’ve seen the content of their character and it’s pathetic and appalling.

Please help us identify these blurry brown monsters.

My 9 NJ:

Multiple, vicious fights broke out on the SEPTA platform at Philadelphia’s Spring Garden Station and was all caught on surveillance camera.

Lots of low quality footage of gentle giants, good boys turning their life around and Obama’s hypothetical progeny tearing into each other. With no Whites left to target it’s time to attack the “yellas” or the negro with the 90 I.Q. that “be actin’ White an sheet.” This is the end game of “diversity.” Identical looking and behaving animals recreating the African heart of darkness in the city where our dead nation was born.

Groups of high schoolers attacked each other.

Those crazy “high schoolers” and their little pranks and games. Nothing you didn’t do when you were young, right?

Some of the teens were seen stomping on each other’s heads and one teen even fell on the tracks.

Yup, just healthy “teens” blowing off a little steam by stomping their misshapen and low capacity craniums and flinging each other into the way of approaching trains. You were young once, right? Totally normal. Sadly we didn’t get another episode of the negro bisector train.

SEPTA hopes the surveillance video will lead to identifying the combatants and police arrests.

One commuter, Maria Burban, claims that this isn’t the first time she’s seen something like this.

I would imagine.

“No, they were actually fighting. They usually start playing around, and then it gets really bad,” Burban says.

“Dis be dat gayme an sheet. Naw I ain playin’ no mo, nigga. You goin’ on da traks.”

Burban is a student at the nearby community college and says she builds her class schedule around not being on the platform when school gets out.

Avoiding the negro is always a good idea. Next, make sure you’re armed and vigilant. Blurry footage of Barkevious is not going to be helpful when the black pack attack is over and you’re dead or crippled.

Psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Gardere explains what appears to be a growing trend.

Luckily a psychologist is on hand to explain this! Let’s break out those I.Q. graphs and frontal lobe size comparisons, doctor.

“I think we are seeing more cameras capturing the fights. But I also think there is a contingent going on here, where kids see this stuff happening on videos, on YouTube, and so on and therefore, in many ways they want to be part of that immortality, if you will. It excites them to watch it but it’s even more exciting because they’re desensitized to what they’re watching to actually be in it, to say that they’re in it for the moment,” Gardere says.

That’s a lot of words to say nothing. Low I.Q. and a propensity toward violence combined with a lack of future orientation and poor impulse control. The result was the same predictable negro failure you see anywhere they gather in significant numbers: Philadelphia, St. Louis, London, Sudan, Chicago, Detroit, Paris, etc.

He added, “This kind of flash mob mentally with this unbridled rage and anger is something that they want to keep amongst themselves. It’s almost something that these kids do and they don’t want to have adults involved, especially law enforcement,” he explained.

In reality they have a very bad habit of “sharing” this with White victims.

R.I.P. U.S.S.A.