Head of CPAC Uses Speech to Denounce Alt-Right as “Left-Wing Fascists”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 24, 2017

Well, this is certainly bizarre.

Dan Schneider, the Executive Director of the American Conservatives Union (ACU), the organization that puts on the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) has used his own speech at the event to denounce the Alt-Right as “left-wing fascists.”

The short speech was typical conservative anti-Alt-Rightism, lifted from Red State or National Review. He uses an analogy of counterfeit dollar bills to label the Alt-Right counterfeit conservatism, calling it hate-driven, anti-Semitic and leftist.

He showed a total lack of understanding of the ideology. He goes so far to say that “Alt-Right” used to mean something else before it was hijacked by Richard Spencer – when even the Wikipedia article on the Alt-Right credits Spencer with coining the term.

It isn’t surprising that he wouldn’t care to understand it. He, like all “true conservatives,” looks at us as a threat, so the goal is to defame us. And you don’t need to understand something to defame it.

It is weird enough that the director of the event would feel the most important topic he could speak on was this – it shows the level of desperation they are dealing with, feeling that their own ideology is collapsing in the face of rising nationalism.

But what is even weirder is that this comes after they had invited MILO to the event, before canceling his keynote speech when the Jewish media told them he was a weirdo. MILO has long been considered by the media to be a “leading figure in the Alt-Right.” Although we know that this isn’t true, it is real in their minds – the same minds that believe what Schneider believes about the Alt-Right. And of course, the media is labeling him an “Alt-Right pedophile” right now, which would seem very helpful to the narrative being pushed by Schneider.

Every single mainstream news article about Schneider’s speech contains a paragraph exactly like this:

The effort by conservatives to reassert their identity came after CPAC leaders canceled a speaking spot for alt-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, following the release of an audiotape that suggested he condones pedophilia.

All of this is to say that this speech of his certainly gives credence to the theory that the inviting of and subsequent dis-inviting of MILO was an inside job.

The group that “released” (read: reposted a YouTube clip that had been publicly available since it was recorded a year ago) the MILO pederasty tape was the “Reagan Battalion,” a group which appears to be funded by left-wing groups, but proclaims the same ideology as Schneider’s “true conservatism.”

If MILO had never been invited to CPAC, his “fall from grace” would have had a lot less impact. After all, it was CPAC who first dropped him, followed by Simon & Schuster, which led to his eventual resignation from Breitbart.

It is therefor not outrageous to speculate – though I admit, this is a conspiracy theory – that the same people that invited MILO to CPAC were aware of the plan to repost the YouTube clip, and that this was all a setup to defame the Alt-Right, to draw a line excluding it from “true conservatism.”

I am not saying this happened, but it seems more likely that it happened than that it didn’t happen. MILO was the keynote speaker. Someone had to have looked into the stuff this guy has been saying. And if they had simply googled around about him, they would have found him endorsing pederasty. If they are actually opposed to pederasty – and I have no reason to believe they aren’t – they would have not invited him in the first place.

It all looks like a complex hit-job.