HBO’s Chernobyl is Whitewashed. What About the Somalian-Ukrainians Who Designed the Reactor?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 4, 2019

Karla Marie Sweet is willing to tell the truth about the Somalians that designed Russia’s nuclear program.

Most of the media has been silent about the fact that HBO’s new Chernobyl show has whitewashed history, removing all of the Somalians, Pakistanis and Zulus who helped design and build the famous nuclear reactor.

One brave Tweeter had the nerve to point this out.

Those screenshots are all fucked up and shitty because the brave figure, Karla Marie Sweet, had to lock her account due to the abuse she was getting from racists, who claim that the Ukraine in the 1980s was NOT multicultural, even though all archaeological evidence points to the fact that the nuclear reactors were all designed by Africans, and actually, most people in the Ukraine were African.

Look at these Red Army soldiers, circa 1979:

And you want a real shocker?

Mikhail Gorbachev himself was a lot less white than you might think:

It’s time for a big wakeup call about the actual history of the USSR.

And it’s time to shut down the brutal white supremacy of HBO.

However, the show is right about one thing: it was white people’s fault the reactor melted down.

The whites thought they could manage African-designed nuclear technology, and the results were a disaster.

It was just as bad as when Richard Burton thought he could pilot an African-designed flying pyramid and crashed it into the black-designed Parthenon, destroying the entire roof.

White people be like “I can handle this.”

Then it be all like.

White people need to just stay away from black science.

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