Hawaiian Sweet Rolls Company Sued for Not Making Their Sweet Rolls in Hawaii

Fair is fair.


Contrary to popular belief, King’s Hawaiian sweet rolls are not actually made in Hawaii. And now, a New York resident is suing the makers, claiming that he was misled into buying the rolls.

In the class action lawsuit, Robert Galinsky, the plaintiff, said the back label notes that the popular bread product is manufactured in Torrance, Calif. But Galinsky said the front packaging prominently features “Hilo, Hawaii,” leading people to believe that the bread is actually from there.

Galinsky said in the lawsuit that King’s Hawaiian “is the leading seller of Hawaiian Rolls and essentially invented this category of food.”

He lists other lawsuits that King’s Hawaiian Holding Company filed against competitors to prevent the marketing of “Hawaiian Rolls.”

According to its website, King’s Hawaiian’s history dates back to the 1950s, when Robert Taira first opened the business in Hilo Robert’s Bakery. It later expanded to Honolulu, where it was renamed King’s Bakery. Eventually, the business moved to Torrance, Calif. as King’s Hawaiian Bakery continues to wholesale its famous sweet bread nationwide.

Yeah but okay.

Seriously now.

What’s next?

Is Uncle Ben’s rice going to be sued for not being personally milled by a kindly old black man?

All of the breakfast cereals are in for a helluva ride.

We live in an ultra-litigious society.

Is anyone benefitting from this, other than Jewish lawyers?

As we’ve seen recently with Alex Jones (among others), this total litigiousness is now being used to target freedom of speech, as an end-run around the First Amendment. It’s completely out of control, and it shouldn’t be allowed, but the Jewish lawyers themselves have found grounds upon which to make these suits valid.

Jewish lawyers are exploiting a system that was intended for honest people. It is out of control.

At this point, the court system is so corrupt that it is nigh unsalvageable.