Hawaii: Nurses Will Perform Abortions Because Too Many Women Want to Kill Their Babies

Pictured: threat to women’s “reproductive health.”

Somebody’s going to have to kill all these babies.

They’re not going to kill themselves, that’s for sure – they have a strong desire to live!

Gotta suck ’em out, gotta chop ’em up.

Fox 5 New York:

Gov. David Ige on Monday signed legislation that would make Hawaii the latest state to allow some nurses to perform abortions.

Hawaii law previously said only physicians could perform early, in-clinic abortions. But because of a doctor shortage, several smaller islands lack abortion providers which forces residents of those islands to fly to Honolulu if they need the procedure.

“This act will enable people who desperately need reproductive health care services to receive health care from very high quality health care providers, including advanced practice registered nurses, where they need it, when they need it, and … in their own communities,” Laura Reichardt, the director of the Hawaii State Center for Nursing, said a bill signing ceremony.

The new law, which took effect when the governor signed it, allows advanced practice registered nurses to prescribe medication to end a pregnancy and to perform aspiration abortion, a type of minor surgery during which a vacuum is used to empty a woman’s uterus. The nurses will be able to do both during the first trimester of a pregnancy. The aspiration abortion may be performed in a hospital, clinic or nurse’s office.

I will take a few minutes today to sit in a silent place and think about the implications of living in a timeline where women shove vacuums up their vaginas to suck out their unborn babies.

May God have mercy on our souls.