Hawaii: Man Caught with Arsenal in Hotel Room Claims He’s a Secret Agent

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 13, 2018

So, we’ve got another one of those weird, unexplained events…


The FBI and Honolulu police are investigating after finding a large cache of loaded weapons during a raid of a Waikiki hotel room that sources say was prompted by disturbing posts on social media.

The arsenal included a high-powered rifle, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and an assortment of other weapons.

But the man staying in the room wasn’t arrested.

The FBI notified Honolulu police Thursday about a guest in room 803 at the Equus Hotel, saying he was claiming to be a federal agent in disturbing posts on social media. 

The 38-year old claimed his mission was to hunt terrorist cells. 

When police arrived at the Equus on Ala Moana Boulevard, sources say, they found an arsenal:

-An AR-15, and 15 high-capacity magazines — all loaded.
-A shotgun and two handguns.
-A total of more than 800 rounds of ammunition, plus 18 military styles knives and body armor.

The weapons were legally registered to the man, and having them in his room was also legal.

“There was no danger,” said Mike Dailey, manager at the hotel. “The gentlemen was here. He was a guest staying here. He left and then there was an FBI and police investigation.”

Sources say that police did find psychiatric medication in the room, allowing them to seize the cache until a mental health evaluation can be completed. He was taken to a hospital for that.

Yeah – surprise, surprise.

SSRI medication again associated with an insane type of event.

They are prescribing these drugs to more people and in higher doses, and the new versions of the drugs are getting even more extreme in their effects on the brain. That is why you are seeing more and more of these types of events.

Just yesterday we had the naked airport guy.

This guy believes he’s on a mission to hunt terrorists – well, if he has that delusion, then he could also have delusions about who the terrorists are, and he could have ended up doing a mass shooting, Vegas style.

And then we would again be talking about gun control, and not about the pills that are clearly responsible for this.

It could also be of course related to some kind of MK Ultra type thing. I think the Vegas shooting probably was. But that isn’t necessary. These kooky brain drugs make people do these sorts of things.

We’ve had so many of these mass shootings and otherwise insane events over the last year, and none of it is being explained or even discussed. The only discussion we are allowed to have is “give us your guns, goyim.”

This isn’t reasonable. We need to talk about what is causing this behavior.