Hawaii is an Example of a Working Imperial Model

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 14, 2018

I was thinking about Hawaii today after that weird event.

What I will tell you is that Hawaii is an example of a successful imperial situation. Although most imperial situations were successful, this is one that worked in the modern era. Although the details of that are that these people don’t have any desire to leave because they are in a tropical paradise which also has American laws to do with minimum wage and so on.

Puerto Rico is the flip side of this, where all of those people pour into America because they don’t have the wages and welfare benefits.

You don’t have Hawaiians on the streets of NYC doing monkey drum circle nonsense.

Most of the Soviet territories have resulted in a similar form of “post-colonial blues,” with poor people from the Southern areas going to Moscow to work.

So basically, the fact that Hawaii does work is due to a very specific set of circumstances.

HOWEVER – it does show that colonialism can work.

As the reader is probably aware, I am staunchly pro-colonialism/imperialism/global white supremacy, and extremely disgusted by the “nationalism for everyone” meme. I believe in nationalism for MY PEOPLE, and I don’t really have any understanding of how you would be a “universalist nationalist” – the concept is totally dishonest and jokey.

If you are for your own nation, then you view other nations through the lens of what is best for your own nation. And in most cases, that will not mean allowing those nations to have their own nationalism, but instead require them to be ruled by your own nation.

Just as an example here: environmentalism is a thing. It is used very wrongly by the left, of course, and certain things are exaggerated, but the fact is that massive deforestation in the third world is very bad for the whole planet, including the parts that we live in.

Hawaii is not deforested, because we kept control of it. Meanwhile, virtually the entirety of of former colonies in South America, Africa and Southeast Asia have been deforested. And that was because we left. And that particular fact cannot be spun as anything other than negative.

Borneo deforestation

And the orangutans¬†don’t have anywhere to go

Also, by ruling over brown people, we would be able to regulate their population growth – most if not all of the deforestation, extinction of species, polluting of the air and water, etc. is due to the population explosion in these countries. They are literally burning rain forests to grow genetically modified corn to make prole-feed.

In fact, it would be much better for the brown people to be ruled by us. I don’t really care about that, but it’s true.

We would simply pass laws with regards to interracial couplings. Men can fuck the natives if they want (NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND, EVER, AND OUR OWN BREEDING-STOCK WOMEN SHOULD BE LARGELY BANNED FROM THE COLONIES), but it will be illegal to produce children and if a child is somehow produced it will not be granted any white person rights.

The natives will be celebrating having us back, virtually the whole world over. Basically, the UN is already doing something like this with their various foreign aid organization, they are just doing it in a stupid, destructive way, because their aid is based on the fact that brown people are somehow equal. We will go there as their masters, and make it clear that we are their masters, while also not being sadistic about it. The natives will have some rights. For example, a white man will not just be allowed to kill a brown person in the colonies, anymore than a person is allowed to kill a dog in America now. General abuse will also be banned. They will not be literal slaves, just subjects of the Aryan Empire. We will just treat them as what they are: lesser beings designed to be ruled over by white people.

Just Please Stop Saying “Nationalism for Everyone” – PLEASE IT’S SO FUCKING GAY

Whatever you think about my plan for global white supremacy, please stop saying “nationalism for everyone.” It’s the gayest, weakest shit I have ever seen in my entire life.

First reason being: everyone but us already has nationalism.

Telling people invading your country – from their own sovereign country – is like telling a man breaking into your home “oh but please, I think you should have your own house also, I’m not bad, I support you too, just please leave my house so I can have my own house!”



Furthermore, if you’re advocating for yourself, you should be advocating for yourself. Advocating for foreign people while you are almost dead – at the hands of those foreign people – is not a position of strength. What it comes across as as yet more apologizing for being white. It doesn’t make you seem more reasonable to be trying to coddle people who already have their own fucking countries and are harming us by saying you support them too, it makes you look like you are specifically trying to give that impression so that people don’t think you’re evil – apologizing for being white.

It is a weak, weak position.

It undermines our entire premise when you need to apologize for defending white people, as you are effectively granting the enemy the point that we are evil, hence the need for an apology.

Here’s the deal: we owe no one a single fucking thing – other than bullets in many cases.

And you are not going to effectively use some Jew manipulation technique on people. The only thing on our side is the truth. And we need to roll with that.

I want a galactic empire. And I’m not settling for anything less.