Have You Ever Seen Six Million Jews Tweet the Same Thing at Once?

Science FACT: By the year 2025, global warming will have made the world so hot that you will burst into flames just standing there.

If Hitler killed all the Jews, then how are there so many of them on Twitter?

Bitcoin is “plastic toy money.” Meanwhile, the trillions upon trillions of new dollars being printed by the Virus Regime are what, exactly? “Cold steel popped Glock blastin’ all y’all niggas money”?

What is it when the fed prints these trillions out of thin air and then loans it to Jewish banks at 1% interest, who then turn around and loan it to goyim for 13% interest? It’s not plastic toy banking, so it must be what? Legitimate business?

It’s incredible how frightened Jews are of any threat to their usury scheme, even at this point in the game.

Of course, not all of those Blue Cheka telling you this story about how abolishing international banking would change the weather are Jews.

But the ones that aren’t are people completely subsumed with the Jewish world paradigm.

This one is definitely Jewish:

Imagine thinking “Hell World” is a coal plant as you promote child trannies.

Most normal people would say that opening a coal plant is good for America, as it will produce jobs. But we shut down all of the coal plants so we could buy oil from Saudi Arabia and have it shipped across the planet to… save energy?

Those oil tankers use energy.

This “burning coal will change the weather” claptrap somehow only ever works in favor of the global elite. It’s really incredible. You’d think that if there was a random phenomenon, a catastrophe, that some of the effects would be negative for Jews. But somehow, Jews are coming up with hands full of aces on every side of the weather apocalypse.

Reminder: there is zero evidence that burning fossil fuels changes the weather. The so-called “science of climatology” was invented by the United Nations. It is a fake science. This is all just a lot of government grants to people making fake charts. That’s why they can say “99% of climatologists agree that you have to do everything the Jews say or you’ll be burned up.”

Imagine that this weather scam is now literally being used to defend the international banking system. There was a point at which leftists were opposed to the international banking system. They actually put out some good stuff.

But now this weather swindle overshadows everything. Despite the fact that it is obviously a hoax, leftists are now on the side of the IMF and the World Bank against the “workers of the world” because they’re worried the ice caps are going to melt and they’re going to get flooded out.

Do they even say the ice caps are going to melt anymore? I think they stopped saying that, because it was just too dumb, and it was too much of a solid prediction that someone could say “hey, New York isn’t flooded – you were lying!” Now they seem to mostly say that using electricity makes tornados and earthquakes or whatever.

It’s literally on par with the Aztecs believing the priests when they said the sun was going to disappear if they didn’t do nonstop human sacrifice.

Except actually, it’s much worse than that. The Aztecs had no way of knowing the priests were lying. We have the internet. We have actual documentation of these people conspiring to fake charts, in the form of the Climategate leaks. We also have the ability to research the link between carbon dioxide and warming.

We also know that trees absorb carbon dioxide, and we know that the United Nations is doing zero (0) to stop deforestation in the third world.

Furthermore: nuclear energy exists.

Try this: next time someone spits this global warming nonsense at you, ask them to explain to you how carbon dioxide causes warmer weather. If you’re on the internet and they try to post a link, tell them, “no, you explain it to me in your own words.” Ninety-nine out of 100 won’t be able to give you any explanation at all. If they do give you the standard line about the composition of the atmosphere allowing in more radiation from the sun and then trapping the heat, ask them why the ice core samples show carbon trailing warming and not the reverse.

At some point, it is always going to get to “JUST BELIEVE THE EXPERTS!”

And of course, that means: “just believe banks, corporations and the government.”

People should be ashamed of themselves, believing in this gibberish. If you press them, you find that some of them are ashamed they believe anything they’re told by their masters, but that they believe the best way to cover that shame is to not admit that they are just mindless cattle.

You see it a lot with the coronavirus. People went all in on it, and it would just be embarrassing to admit that the whole thing was an absurd hoax.

Cryptocurrency would liberate everyone from the enslavement of the banking system, and this is simply an obvious fact. This changing weather voodooism is designed to convince people to work against their own most basic interests.


It’s tiresome.

The level of exhaustion dealing with people who believe it all almost makes you understand Cypher.

Of course, when you see how miserable the believers are, you realize that as tiresome as it all is, the truth is the only thing that can set you free.