Havana-Na-Na-Na: CIA Shill Gets Killed in Riot for Analmocracy – Start the Bombing, Joe!

Oh wow, someone died in Cuba while fighting for the rights of total anus.

Time to start the bombing.


One man was killed in clashes with police during an anti-government rally, Cuba’s Interior Ministry said, confirming the first death amid the protests as the US insists it will turn away any Cubans who flee the unrest by sea.

A man identified as Diubis Laurencio Tejeda, 36, was killed by Cuban security forces during a demonstration on the outskirts of Havana on Monday, according to Granma, an official organ of the Cuban Communist Party. Several other protesters and police officers were also injured in the clashes.

The Interior Ministry said it “regrets the death of this person,” adding that the man was killed as authorities tried to maintain “internal order” and that an investigation had been launched into the incident.

The state-backed outlet reported that “organized groups of antisocial and criminal elements” gathered in Havana’s Arroyo Naranjo district and attempted to march toward a nearby police station “with the aim of attacking officers and damaging the facility.”

The demonstrators were intercepted by officers with the Interior Ministry before they reached their destination, at which point clashes erupted, with protesters reportedly wielding “stones and blunt objects.” They were also said to have “vandalized homes,” damaged power lines and set a few small fires during the encounter.

A number of arrests were also made, Granma reported, though exactly how many remains unclear.

Tejeda’s is the first confirmed death linked to a recent wave of anti-government protests, which kicked off in earnest on Sunday, when large crowds took to the streets of Havana and other cities to demand urgent action on food, medicine and power shortages, among other complaints. Chants of “Liberty!” and “Cuba is not yours!” have become popular slogans amid the demonstrations, with some protesters also demanding an end to communist rule on the island.

Opposition groups claim that more than 100 arrests have been made since Sunday, alleging that protesters, journalists and other activists had been targeted. Spain’s Foreign Ministry has also said Spanish reporter Camila Acosta was swept up in the arrests, though the Cuban government has so far offered no specifics on arrests made or injuries sustained during the rallies.

Cuban authorities have pinned the protests on foreign meddling, with President Miguel Diaz-Canel accusing Washington of pursuing a “policy of economic suffocation to provoke social unrest,” referring to decades of US sanctions imposed on the country. Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez went even further, claiming “US-financed mercenaries” helped to fuel the anti-government demonstrations.

Cuba hasn’t done anything threatening to America in at least 50 years. But the 2020 policy is: “if you don’t go full anus/feminist/tranny/pedophile, then you are fully sanctioned and starved.”

The virus hoax made it easy to starve people out.

Despite the fact that gay anal ramming and pumping is banned by the evil communists who hate freedom, these Cubanos are wearing masks like a bunch of faggots.

There are CIA shills on Twitter claiming that it’s a virus apocalypse.

Of course, Cuba is a closed country, so no one can check any of that.

Ted Cruz, who is literally from Cuba, is backing Joe Biden and his Jews on this one – as he usually does.

Imagine that the Jewish media calls Ted Cruz “far right.”

What does he disagree with Joe Biden on? Certainly nothing fundamental. Maybe he disagrees on how often you should get your Covid booster shot.

Cruz is supposedly opposing the vaxx database used in Joe Biden’s door-to-door Vaxx Police agenda. But of course, now that Cuba is having an anal revolution, Cruz can focus on that.

The other Cuban, Marco Rubio (gay), is of course going nuts calling for bombings.

Same with Sean “Democracy Up Your Ass” Hannity.

Rick Scott has figured out that really it’s Joe Biden that is the real supporter of dictators because he’s not bombing yet.


We have to invade countries that are close to our country. And also we have to keep Taiwan free to do super-anal in the streets in front of children and babies.

Rubio is saying “immediate invasion necessary.”

Oh and before you say anything – Mike Pompeo has already spoken for you.

If you don’t support regime change in Cuba, or just don’t care about Cuba and don’t want to think about Cuba, you are a traitor, says the Israel guy.

Democrats are just as aggressive.

Many Democrats are pointing out that communism doesn’t do anal hard enough.

(You people think I’m exaggerating when I say that everything is about anal sex – but it really, really is.)

At this point, reporting on all of these fake third world revolutions turned up by Western intelligence is just redundant. If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

Hoax Watch should just have a permanent pinned article that says: “And also today, the CIA started more civil unrest in the third world as part of a globalist order out of chaos agenda to create a one world virus government controlled by Jews and cyborg pedophiles.

“It’s a bunch of women in the street screaming slogans from social media.”