Hateful Hater Man was Hunting Moslems When He Hate-Plowed 8 People with His Hate Car

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 28, 2019

So we read about this story in The Washington Post:

A driver identified as a 34-year-old Army veteran was targeting Muslims when a car barreled into a group of eight people Tuesday evening, California police say. The attack left seven injured, including a 13-year-old in critical condition.

Isaiah Joel Peoples was arrested at the scene. On Friday, he was charged with eight counts of attempted murder and held without bail in Santa Clara County.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Sunnyvale Police Chief Phan Ngo announced Friday that an investigation uncovered evidence that Peoples “intentionally targeted the victims based on their race and his belief that they were of the Muslim faith.” Ngo gave no details about the nature of the evidence.

The FBI was involved in the investigation because of the possibility that Tuesday’s attack was an act of terrorism, according to attorney Chuck Smith, who represents Peoples. But federal law enforcement quickly withdrew from the case, Smith told The Post on Saturday.

“They searched my client’s apartment, so we should know in short order whether there’s anything to the police chief’s statement,” he said.

On Saturday afternoon, the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office had not yet opted to charge Peoples with a hate crime. But Chief Assistant District Attorney Jay Boyarsky condemned Tuesday’s incident as “a brazen attack on our entire community.”

So Jay Boyarsky says it isn’t a hate crime, even though he admitted to purposefully targeting Moslems. Or trying to. By running them over with his car.

Of course, the ADL and the SPLC will put this in their “hate crimes database” and use it as proof that the government needs to ban people posting about Jews on the internet.

The article then goes on to talk about the RISING HATE CRIME EPIDEMIC. And of course they include a whole paragraph about Brenton Tarrant.

But let’s see here.

The Washington Post used a header image of a brown person laying in a pile of leaves for their article.

They do not include a picture of the suspect. Or mention his race. Of course, the implication is he must be a WHITE SUPREMACIST, because we hear nonstop about how WHITE SUPREMACISTS are doing this sort of thing every day.

Here is his picture.

His race appears to be African.

This is the epitome of fake news.

They knowingly, purposefully intend the reader to believe the man was white, while they know he is black. They can say “oh well, we didn’t say he was white…” – but anyone can see that purposefully failing to mention he’s black, or including his picture, while talking about Brenton Tarrant, implies that he is white.