Hate-Filled Faggots Protest Dave Chappelle at Netflix Headquarters

A group of faggots protested against Netflix on Wednesday, demanding the removal of a show Dave Chappelle did where he made jokes about these freaks.

It’s being billed as a “walkout” by Netflix employees, but several faggots showed up to whine about their alleged problems, and how these jokes make them want to commit suicide.

No one is asked why they don’t just not listen to the jokes if they’re going to inspire suicide.

Some retards went there to try to disagree with the faggots. I don’t know why anyone would ever do that.

The CEO of Netflix is coddling his faggot employees and saying he’s hurt their emotions.

Imagine where we are as a civilization that groups of homosexuals are staging public demonstrations to state that they are angry that people hurt their feelings with jokes.

Also, imagine that the media is saying that Netflix will collapse because so many faggots will quit their jobs.

Joe Rogan has entered the fray, saying that Dave doesn’t really even hate trannies.

Honestly, it’s super weird to not hate trannies.

I mean – can you imagine anything more vile than a tranny?

Just in case you don’t understand – just as an example, this is the tranny trying to get Dave Chappelle fired from Netflix:

That is obviously sickening and evil and if you don’t hate these people, you are sick and evil yourself.

Dave did say that he doesn’t think trannies should be killed or whatever.

I watched some of the Dave Chappelle show. I meant to write about it. It was okay. It’s pretty vulgar. But honestly, I can’t even understand how this was released at all. He doesn’t just go after homos, but also Jews. The gay jokes though – I’m honestly shocked he isn’t being sued by the ADL.