Hate-Filled Ape Obama Looks as Stupid as Cameron After Aggressive Threats Against Britannia

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 24, 2016


Barack Obama upon hearing of the Brexit results.

Barack Obama was born on the wrong side of human evolution and has continually found himself on the wrong side of history.

He was on the wrong side of history when he endorsed violent Black criminality, he was on the wrong side of history when he endorsed faggot “marriage,” he was on the wrong side of history when he stood with Islamic terrorists against Assad, he was on the wrong side of history when he sanctioned a violent coup in the Ukraine and then declared Cold War against Russia.

The Brexit – and globalism in general – is no different.


can i haz banana?

Wrong side, monkey.

Back in April – the 22nd of the month, to be exact – Obama issued aggressive threats against the British people, basically saying he would sanction Britain if they abandoned Jew-globalist European project.

Remember this?


US President Barack Obama on Friday issued a stark warning to British voters considering leaving the European Union, warning a Brexit would lessen the country’s power and hurt job-creating trade ties.

Obama said “Britain is at its best when helping to lead a strong Europe”, while warning the UK on its own would move to the “back of queue” for trans-Atlantic trade deals if it votes to leave the EU in a referendum in June.

I’m glad this imperial ape made this aggressive, hateful threats against the White British, as I believe they contributed to our GREAT VICTORY today.

White people are sick of being bossed around by primitive evolutionary rejects.

And now, the harder these savages push us, the stronger we get.

And the harder we’re going to push back.


Witness, ye man, the Dawn of the Age of Kings.