Hassan Piker and Vaush are Not Even Real Communists at All

When the Nicki Minaj anti-vax issue appeared, the odious figure of Hassan Piker, an Islamic terrorist, also appeared to demand that Nicki get in line and not ask questions about the deadly vax.

He told Nicki that she wasn’t allowed to listen to or talk to Tucker Carlson, because he is a white supremacist.

She gave a great reply, saying that his political affiliation doesn’t mean that she’s not allowed to talk to him.

Note that she just took at face value that Tucker is a white supremacist. Which is fine. At this point, they’ve used that term so much to refer to anyone that stands up for white people that there really isn’t any point in getting into a semantics debate.

It was a big win for Hassan to get the quote-tweet from Nicki. Vaush, a fellow fake internet communist and real child sex promoter joined in, jealous of Hassan getting attention from Nicki, and started explaining that he knows what’s best for black people.

Vaush, a fat white pedophile, posted to Nicki “keep digging,” which apparently implied that she was strengthening her connection to white supremacy, and that this would mean an even more serious punishment for her from the establishment that he represents.

Understand, that is absolutely what these people are: they are lackeys for the DNC, and enforcers of the official Democrat doctrine on the internet.

That’s why Nicki responded to Hassan in the first place. She obviously doesn’t know who this guy is, but Twitter makes sure that his tweets reach the top of everyone’s feed. Because the entire staff of Twitter are, at this point, acting as Democrat Party operatives. So, they promote these people with the same aggressiveness as they ban right-wingers.

That is to say: they are not actual communists.

I generally assume that people are aware that there is a difference between communism and Democrat/liberal “shitlibism.” But I was thinking the other day: most people probably aren’t very aware of that difference, and just think of all of these people as “leftist scum.”

It is worth knowing that there is a difference between actual communism and liberal “social” Democratism.

A reader wrote:

In the same vein as Charlie Kirk, George Bush or Mitt Romney are really all at heart, spiritual shitlibs who prefer low taxes and regulation, Vaush, and this sand nigger, and most of that breadtube crowd, are also spiritual shitlibs who prefer high taxes and regulation. If there ever were a neomarxist revolution, these people would end up like Trotsky in Mexico with an ice pick sticking out of their head. They’d end up like Rebenga at the beginning of Scarface. Most of them will probably drop like fruit flies whether it’s the deadly vaccines or the supply lines breaking down to the big cities for whatever reason. These people wouldn’t survive a day on a farm or in a factory or in armed combat. They are not serious people who will ever bring about serious change. They’re Lenin’s useful idiots.

They are much more committed to promoting a toxic witch’s brew of unhinged shitlib inspired social policies like replacing you with mass migration, race hoaxes, indefinite lockdowns and vaccine mandates, trannys, and unlimited on demand abortion, than anything to do with economics or anything else. Certainly, their support for these shitlib social policies is the only useful end they are allowed to serve by ZOG. They never have and never will effect any positive change in the way of anything to do with labor, healthcare, social mobility, etc. with or without ZOG. They will only be allowed to post low effort snark in the hopes enough midwits chuckle along and click the like icon on his tweet instead of listening to anyone opposed to the flu hoax, including the massive multi-trillion dollar wealth transfer to a handful of multi-billionaires, the majority of whom eat Chinese food for dinner on Christmas, from the rest of us.

Really their virtue signaling of socialist economics is just a big slacktivist grift for social status, and I guess in vaush’ case, jewtube donations. They commit nothing, knowing they have never and likely won’t ever achieve anything on that front, expecting the admiration of others in return for nothing more than what amounts to flowery overtures of hopeless utopianism realized at some point in the distant future.

“BreadTube” is the term these people use to refer to themselves. That includes Piker, Vaush and some other freaks and trannies on YouTube and Twitch. It probably also includes The Young Turks – Piker is the genetic nephew of Cenk Ugyur.

An actual communist, Caleb Maupin, wrote a book about them which I read entitled “BreadTube Serves Imperialism: Examining The New Brand of Internet Pseudo-Socialism.” Since he’s a communist, I’m sure he doesn’t care if you download it off Library Genesis for free. Anyway, he goes through and outlines the weird things these people promote. Primarily, they are obsessed with promoting gay sex and identity race politics, both of which are considered “bourgeois values” by communists.

But Maupin also shows where these people will actually subtly promote neocon war propaganda. This recently spilled out into the open when The Young Turks got into a debate with Jimmy Dore wherein they were promoting the CIA overthrowing Assad in Syria.

Maupin documents that these people support interventions in China and South America as well, in order to promote their anal policies.

Obviously, normal working class people are not into gay sex or all of this progressive stack identity politics stuff. This is all stuff from universities, that you could never get a factory worker or a farmer to go along with.

Basically, communists believed in empowering the working class, whereas BreadTube believes in forcing decadent elitist values onto the working class.

And they’re really consistent with it. All of this “SCIENCE!” stuff is obviously as much in opposition to the sensibilities of normal people as transsexualism.

Normal working people probably would actually want free healthcare, massive taxes on corporations to be used for other “social good” programs, and various other economic changes that leftists theoretically promote. But there are several different problems with that.

  • Firstly, as the reader mentioned, these people are never going to get their way on any economic issue, which is why they don’t even focus on those things and instead just talk nonstop about trannies and racism hoaxes.
  • Secondly – and this is big – most (in fact all) normal people would rather remain poor and economically oppressed by banks and billionaires than allow their children to become trannies.

So, it’s all just a complete jerk-off that means absolutely nothing.

You can compare this to the way that I, Andrew Anglin, a “far-right” figure, deal with mainstream Republicans. That would be the analog to the supposed “far-left” and their relationship to the Democrat Party.

Basically, I am against almost everything they stand for, point blank. The only one I liked was Donald Trump, because he was talking about immigration and other social issues that are important to my agenda. However, I never promoted any of the mainstream Republican talking points, ever, and when Trump started promoting these talking points, and largely abandoned the nationalistic talking points, he stopped mattering to me.

I feel like we need some kind of a graph here, which in the future I might make. But all that BreadTube does is promote mainstream DNC talking points, and then pay slight lip-service to the economic issues that communists have traditionally been focused on, while also not acknowledging that their support for mainstream DNC talking points negates those issues.

Then, Glenn Greenwald and Jimmy Dore get pushed out of the leftist movement, because they don’t care enough about the mainstream Democrat talking points of total forced gay sex, race politics and forced vaccination. This would be the equivalent to Charlie Kirk pushing Nick Fuentes out of the right-wing because he doesn’t care enough about open markets and free trade, and focuses too much on Christian values. And in fact, Charlie Kirk has done that to Nick Fuentes – Nick is not allowed into CPAC because he cares too much about Christian values.

Ultimately, people like Glenn Greenwald and Jimmy Dore are going to suffer the same level of censorship that right-wingers have suffered. People tend to not believe me when I say that will happen, because most people can’t believe how fake this all is.

But I promise you: eventually, the entire political internet will just be Charlie Kirk and Ben Shapiro basically agreeing with Hassan Piker and Vaush that the number one most important things are gay sex and vaccines, as normal people continue to get totally steamrolled by a decadent elite ruling class.

It’s all just a stupid mess.

Everything has become nonsensical and dumb.

Frankly, it’s just boring.

The sickening part is that if it wasn’t for the censorship, I could force people like Hassan and Vaush to explain themselves. They would not be able to. And we could find that most people in this country – at least most white people – agree on virtually everything. We could zoom in on the things we disagree about, and easily reach a compromise.

Woke issues are incredibly unpopular.

(This poll was from the UK, where people are more liberal than in America.)

Charlie Kirk and Ben Shapiro’s issues – support for mass immigration, endless war in the Middle East (and elsewhere), free trade, complete deregulation of monopoly corporations – are probably even less popular than the woke issues.

But what you always get is a combination of the least popular issues on both the left and right.

Right now, conservatives and liberals are arguing about the best way to manipulate the public into accepting the vax.

Charlie Kirk and Ben Shapiro, along with Hassan and Vaush, exist only for the purpose of confusing people, in order to trick people into supporting an elitist (and primarily Jewish and satanic) agenda.