Has the Boomer Begun to Hate? Old Man Demands Trump Start Shooting at Border!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 26, 2018

Check out this Young Turks scandalous interview of one of Trump’s senior supporters:

“What would solve the whole thing at the border, if they would just start shooting. Only shoot a couple. And they would go home,” says he.

Now, to be fair, this guy might be a bit too old to be a boomer. He might be a Silent Gen. He holds himself like a war vet as well.

I am tempted to grant him honorary Boomer status and by doing so, grant absolution to his whole race. Or age demographic. Whatever.

TYT tries to use this clip to show what monsters and fascists Trump supporters are.

But all that it proves is that our positions are quite popular and widespread in Middle America. 

Although we here at the Stormer are proactive and recommend sending mechas to curb stomp these people while they’re still south of the border.

We need to bridge the gap between us and them.

That doesn’t mean cucking on the message, mind you. Besides, how could we even do that when we’re already on the same page?


“Not a Mexican More!” – is the rallying cry that will crosscut generations.

This is already in motion. This is already happening. This is the new political reality. We’re already there.

The Jewish Question, I think, will take more time.

But if we get that Wall up, time is exactly what we’ll buy ourselves. 

Gen Z will take it from there.