Has Donald Trump Converted to Islam?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 13, 2020

US President Donald Trump allegedly converted to Wahabbist Islam after meetings with King Abdullah. He is only now announcing it in tweets he expects no one will translate. He should have expected the Daily Stormer.

Shockingly, it appears that Donald Trump has converted to radical Wahabbist Islam, and he is counting on his new Islamic brethren to cover for him and not translate these tweets he’s tweeting in Arabic.

Luckily, I found someone who was willing to translate the tweets.

And they most definitely explain why it is that he is so obsessed with fighting a war against Iran: Sunni Islam, the religion of which Donald Trump now professes belief, views Iran as a bigger threat than white people. That is why Islamic Trump is planning to use the US military to destroy Iran before he forces America to convert to Islam and makes himself Sultan.

Direct and literal translation:

Praise be to Allah the most merciful and most beneficent. By Allah’s glorious hand will we bring wreckage upon the rafida, who are idolaters and devils. Iran will fall, by Allah, and true Islam will rule for eternity. Death to America.

Highly disturbing.

But it gets worse.

Direct and literal translation:

May Allah’s hand bring total destruction to the shiite rafida. Allah, most merciful, may he guide my hand to wipe my shoe on the wreckage of the idolaters. Peace be upon the prophet Muhammad, most wise. May Allah curse America and bring doom upon it. Allah curses the Great Satan.

And get a load of this one.

Direct and literal translation:

Death must come swiftly to the enemies of Allah, most beneficent and most merciful. Praise be upon the prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon him, and may Allah bless him. Destruction will consume all of the enemies of Allah and his prophets, we must first remove the rafida menace, and then the time will come for America.

And what’s this one?

Direct and literal translation:

By the grace of Allah, I have ordered America to open its borders to even more true followers of Islam than ever before. By Allah most merciful and most beneficent, the soldiers of Allah will overwhelm the pagan dogs of America and shortly after we crush the rafida and I wipe my shoe upon them by Allah, it will be Allah’s flag that flies above the White House and all Americans will be forced to convert to Islam Al-Salam, by Allah. I will now be known by my secret name to my Islamic brothers: Sultan Muhammad Bin Abdullah Al-Trump.

This is certainly the weirdest thing that has happened so far in the 2020s. But we’re only 13 days into this decade.

We can only expect that it’s going to get weirder from here on out.