Has Ben Shapiro Been Born Again Hard?

Morgoth’s Review
September 2, 2016


The last time I paid any attention to Ben Shapiro he was on the losing end of the Breitbart civil war, Shapiro has long fancied himself as the nemesis of Donald Trump and the Alt-Right, and that was the cause of the Breitbart crisis. Needless to say, it hasn’t been a very good year for Ben and I’d assumed he was destined to feature only as a ”Conservative expert” on Fox News or whatever slot his fellow Jews could wrangle for him, but no, I was wrong…

The recent surge of interest in the Alt-Right meant that I spent more time than usual searching that term on You Tube to keep track of what the latest news was, however, because Ben Shapiro spends an extraordinary amount of time attacking the Alt-Right, You Tube was suggesting his material as videos I’d be interested in.

I swiftly noticed that there was a marked difference in tone and style, Ben was forever ‘destroying’ somebody or ‘massacring’ or ‘slaughtering’ them. Shapiro himself has adopted the air of an angry rebel, he’s frequently unshaven and has a general attitude of being a rogue against the system. What the hell is going on? Is Ben Shapiro a ‘Shitlord’ now?


Whoever is uploading these videos with the overly bombastic titles clearly has an agenda, at a time when everyone in the Alt-Right is talking about the movement being co-opted and diluted, look no further than bad boy Ben Shapiro’s rebirth as You Tube Edgelord. The problem is it’s all so laughably clumsy and blatant.

It’s all about making Civic Nationalism and an obsession with the Constitution cool again by, literally, putting digital shades and a spliff on it. The problem is its all just a bit naff….a bit crap. Take for example Shapiro’s debate with, what the You Tuber calls a ”smug liberal (who) gets utterly destroyed via Ben Shapiro”:

God forbid they point out he’s a black man who wants to swamp America with yet more non-whites, no, he’s just a ”Liberal” because Civic Nationalism has to pretend he has no ethnic interest in reducing the white population still further into servitude. The debate itself rapidly descends into them both trying to trump each other with which laws were passed in regards to senate bills and paths to citizenship in the House of Representatives…or something, it’s like watching two men trying to stab each other with cooked¬†spaghetti.


Shapiro even has his own take-down of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ song which, by an amazing cohencidence, was uploaded just a month after Millennial Woes made his own take on it. The cynical mind might be brought to the conclusion that these people have been reduced to stealing Alt-Right content, but in any case Ben’s version is just a bland rant against the Left and not, like Woes version, imagining a world without Islam where white people have 100% white countries.

This is far worse than what people have started calling ”Alt-Lite” it’s cooperate Conservatism reacting to itself being disemboweled by Trump and his legions of fans by adopting the ‘Lets make algebra cool’ method of the high school teacher.

The aim is to resell Conservatism Inc to the goyim by making it trendy and edgy, but to do so without the racism and anti-Semitism of the actual Alt-Right, they’re saying ”Hey, look how interesting and cool we can be without the racism and Jew-Hate, stay away from the Nazis and lap this up instead you slaves”.