Has Alt-Right Leader Steven Crowder Gone Too Far?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 3, 2016


I’d like to address some concerns that people have raised about Steven “Jews Scream Louder in the Fake Shower” Crowder.

Many people were excited when Steven Crowder announced that he was Alt-Right, and would be assuming leadership of the movement. I personally felt like his extreme, genocidal rhetoric served as a good counterbalance to the faggotry that MILO has introduced into the movement.

However, a recent rant against NEETs and anime fans has some wondering if Crowder actually believes in the ideals of the Alt-Right, or if he is just using it as a vehicle to commit mass-murder.

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I don’t speak for the entire Alt-Right, but I know that NEETs and anime Nazis make-up a significant portion of my readership, and in fact are at the core of the Alt-Right. I think it’s pretty out of line to call for them to be ovened with the kikes.

Perhaps even more disturbing than his anti-NEET rant, however, was a series of tweets which appeared to indicate gross mental instability. Several of the tweets seemed to allude to a plan to kill his ex-wife, Caroline.

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All this having been said, the Alt-Right has been experiencing a serious leadership crisis, so many in the movement have shown a willingness to jump on board with Crowder’s plan to “genocide billions of people.” Some have even gone so far as to comply with his demands to remove their anime avatars on Twitter.

As of late, there has been a good deal of cucking, due to the media coverage the Alt-Right has been receiving. Some have even argued that we need a “big tent” in the Alt-Right, and have begun pushing to include non-White “allies of color,” including Jews. When you have people going on about stuff like that, I suppose it’s hard to reject Crowder simply because of a few personality quirks.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if Crowder is in the movement because he believes in creating a future for Whites, or if he just wants to murder billions of people and creating a future for Whites is a good excuse for that.

At least he wants to gas kikes. As far as I’m concerned, his psychological state is none of my business.