Harvey Weinstein Gives Interview to New York Post, Says People Should Thank Him for Promoting a Jew Agenda

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 16, 2019

Harvey Weinstein gave his first interview in over a year to the New York Post to whine about all the good he’d done for women and how people should thank him.

When I saw the name of the author of this article, I half expected it to be sympathetic.

But it isn’t.

The article does agree that he did a lot to promote the Jewish agenda – pushing women and homosexuals into the forefront of American culture – but there is no hint that this makes up for… having sex with women, or whatever it is he’s accused of.

New York Post:

More than 80 women have accused him of sex assault or harassment — but for Harvey Weinstein, it’s still all about himself.

The alleged serial sex predator and disgraced Hollywood producer whined to The Post in an exclusive interview that he should be remembered for doing more professionally for women than anyone in history — rather than the slew of sickening accusations against him.

The fallen Tinseltown kingmaker appeared so clueless that he even boasted about what a lucrative contract he once gave actress Gwyneth Paltrow — one of his alleged victims.

“I feel like the forgotten man,’’ the 67-year-old alleged rapist griped last week.

“I made more movies directed by women and about women than any filmmaker, and I’m talking about 30 years ago. I’m not talking about now when it’s vogue. I did it first! I pioneered it!” he bragged.

“It all got eviscerated because of what happened,’’ Weinstein said bitterly. “My work has been forgotten.’’

Weinstein talked to The Post while recuperating at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center on Friday, a day after three-hour spinal surgery to remove a trio of bone plates compressing his vertebrae. He said he sustained the back injury in an Aug. 17 car accident.

While refusing to speak about any of the allegations against him, Weinstein said he only agreed to the interview, his first in more than a year, to prove that he hasn’t been exaggerating about his ailments.

He relied heavily on a walker at a Manhattan court appearance last week, but his condition didn’t stop him from recently going out on the town at night and shopping. He told The Post that his back ailment had seriously deteriorated.

Sitting on a couch beside floor-to-ceiling hospital windows that framed the city’s skyline, Weinstein described reports that he is overblowing his physical condition as fake news, insisting, “This was a major operation.

“I want this city to recognize who I was instead of what I’ve become,” added Weinstein, wearing a pair of loose blue jeans, black T-shirt and a tube draining blood from his bandaged incision into a container hung from his walker.

One of the women who has alleged harassment but is not part of the settlement is Paltrow, who won an Oscar for Miramax’s 1999 “Shakespeare in Love.’’ She has said Weinstein lured her to his hotel room under the guise of a business meeting and tried to massage her in 1994, when she was 22.

“Gwyneth Paltrow in 2003 got $10 million to make a movie called ‘View from the Top,’ ” Weinstein said, referring to the romantic comedy and his decision to pay the star the hefty sum while he was at the helm of Miramax.

“She was the highest-paid female actor in an independent film. Higher-paid than all the men,” he crowed.

The movie ended up widely panned, even by Paltrow.

This was a film about a girl from middle America becoming a working girl and traveling and seeing the world.

The exact kind of Jewish gibberish that created the modern woman.

Weinstein also touted his charity work.

He recalled that Madonna in the early ’90s sent him to see the documentary “Paris Is Burning,” which has become a cult classic, about the city’s drag ball culture.

“I understood the celebratory nature of the film and bought the distribution rights,” he said. “The same thing is true for ‘Transamerica’ [for] which Felicity Huffman got an Academy Award.”

The Weinstein Company released “Transamerica” in 2005, although Huffman didn’t win the Oscar.

He also rattled off countless other films with social justice agendas that Miramax and The Weinstein Company produced or distributed.

“This was a company that took social issues and tackled them,” he said.

“I made a success out of myself. I had no money, and I built quite an empire with Miramax and decided to give back,” Weinstein said, referring to his modest upbringing in Flushing, Queens, and his charity work.

“If you remember who I was then, you might want to question some of this.”

It’s funny, because I have virtually the exact opposite take on all of this.

I think his precise sins are the things he is promoting as good deeds – and which the Post appears to agree are good deeds. Promoting women and trannies is evil and Jewish. He is an evil Jew.

Conversely, the sex stuff is really just whatever. What he did was go out and find women who were willing to have sex with him in exchange for professional advances in the film industry. This is simply transactional sex. And from the point of view of a woman, all sex is transactional, regardless.

The main reason that people are so outraged, probably, is that Weinstein is so physically repulsive. However, by creating these women’s careers, he was effectively giving them millions of dollars in exchange for these sexual favors.

Virtually all women would have taken these deals Weinstein was offering.

The main reason that women – even Jewish women, such as the one who did this post interview – are so angry about this is that it gives the lie to the claim that women have anything at all to offer beyond sex.

The women that Harvey Weinstein made into celebrities were not unique or special in any way. Anyone can be trained to be an “actress.” It isn’t a real skill. And they didn’t “build their careers,” they had sex with a disgusting fat Jew in exchange for being given careers by that Jew.

Harvey Weinstein should be put on trial for what his films did to the soul of America, and of the entire world. Not for some stupid rape hoax.

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