Harvard Scientist Says Placebos are So Effective They Even Cause Side Effects

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 6, 2019

The mind is capable of so much more.

Daily Mail:

Placebos get a bad rep, with sugar pills being accused of ‘fake medicine’ and some even arguing it is morally wrong to ‘trick’ patients into thinking a treatment will work.

But a professor of medicine at Harvard University argues there is no longer any doubt that placebos are effective.

You mean sugar pills are a viable alternative to the pharmaceutical products people have been spending so much money on?

Dr Ted Kaptchuk said evidence already shows sugar pills can relieve everything, from agonising lower back pain to excruciating migraines.

And just like ‘real’ medicine, people often complain of headaches, thirst, insomnia and even increased urination after taking placebos, he added.

Dr Kaptchuk told MailOnline: ‘The placebo effect exists, it’s not a question.

They have a bad reputation for trickery but patients nearly always get a placebo response.’

Although nothing more than sugar tablets or saline injections, the placebo effect is so powerful patients even suffer side effects after taking them.

Dr Kaptchuk, who is also director of the Program in Placebo Studies & Therapeutic Encounter at Harvard, added: ‘Placebo causes the same side effects as drugs in trials.

This is due to anxiety, anticipation and the worry they will suffer a side effect if they are given a pill and told “this may cause headache”.’

Some fit wise man once said “as you think, so shall you become.”

The mind is fascinating. People taking part in placebo trials somehow will into reality not only the desired effect of the drug they’re testing against, but also its side effects. Keep in mind both the desired effect and the side effect are communicated to the test subjects.

Dr Kaptchuk believes the conversation should shift from whether sugar pills work to how they do, in order to find the patients who may benefit most.

Many think placebos – which translates as ‘I will please’ in Latin – work on the assumption that simply believing a treatment is effective makes it powerful.

But the actual mechanism is likely much more complex.

It’s not that you think you’ll get better and you do, this is a non-conscious process,’ Dr Kaptchuk said.

Brain scans have shown specific regions of the brain become activated when a person receives a treatment, whether it be sham or not.

Some even respond to placebo when they know what they are taking is nothing more than a dummy pill.

Behold the power of what we have yet to understand. Rejoice, because you have this power inside of you.

What makes people get better is the combination of hope and uncertainty – it triggers a response,’ Dr Kaptchuk said.

Growing research also suggests sugar pills only work if they are given out by someone with a certain degree of authority – such as a doctor.

Praying works.

The placebo effect may be well-known because of how relatively easy it is to measure, but… do you think the influence of the mind ends there?

Tuning into the Daily Stormer frequency by reading Mr. Anglin puts stuff into motion that is harder to measure but no less effective. Remember, it’s a non-conscious process, but that process synergizes with your conscious self and creates some kind of positive feedback loop.

This is a battle of wills.

The race war is not just a thing of the physical realm. Our collective consciousness and our collective subconsciousness are fighting alongside us.

All the degeneracy booby traps planted by the Jews in our culture are not just meant to keep us sedated and easy to control, they’re also meant to prevent us from forming strong mind links, which weakens our collective non-physical avatar. The spirit of our people, if you will.

We have to keep ourselves healthy both physically and mentally. People usually understand that keeping oneself healthy physically means being regularly exposed to the beneficial stress of exercise, but more often than not, they don’t extrapolate the same principles to the mind. We shouldn’t run away from everything that makes us uncomfortable.

Watching a young blonde being beheaded after she traveled to a shithole country may seem like an unnecessary attack on your mind. It’s not unnecessary. Whites, by virtue, are not really capable of imagining the terrible evils people with a darker skin color are capable of. Those monsters always come up with new horrors. If we close our eyes when confronted with the hellish sights they produce, how can we expect to fight them?

If you didn’t watch that video, you should watch it. If you already watched it, there’s no need to watch it again. But you have to know. You have to see. Yes, you’ll feel uncomfortable. Yes, you’ll feel feelings you don’t usually feel. But isn’t that what happens when you exercise and you push yourself?

Just as physical exercise, you should rest after an intense session. Recover, and you’ll be stronger.

You’ll need your strength for the fight ahead of us.

We will need your strength.