Harvard Professor Says Coronavirus is Enough Reason to Destroy the Constitution

Harvard Law Professor Adrian Vermeule

It’s not just virus and pandemic experts who have something to say about your rights.

Law experts also have something to say about what you’re allowed and not allowed to do.

In this case, a Harvard Law Professor says that this coronavirus “pandemic” is a great opportunity to update the Constitution — and by “update the Constitution” I mean tearing it apart and writing some Jewish gibberish on top of it.


Harvard Law Professor Adrian Vermeule suggests using the Chinese virus pandemic as an excuse to establish a new interpretation of the U.S. Constitution, implementing policies that do away with concepts such as “free speech ideology” and “property rights.”

Adrian Vermeule, a professor of constitutional law at Harvard Law School, recently wrote a piece for the Atlantic in which he argues that traditional interpretations of the U.S. constitution have “now outlived its utility,” and that it is now time for the government to take a more centralized role in people’s lives.

Vermeule argues that “circumstances have now changed” due to the Chinese virus pandemic, and that it is now possible to imagine “moral” constitutionalism, which he says is not “enslaved to the original meaning of the Constitution,” and is also “liberated” from the narrative of “relentless expansion of individualistic autonomy.”

The professor is advocating for a new interpretation of the U.S. constitution, which he refers to as “common-good constitutionalism.”

“Such an approach,” wrote Vermeule, “should be based on the principles that government helps direct persons, associations, and society generally toward the common good, and that strong rule in the interest of attaining the common good is entirely legitimate.”

Vermeule also scrutinizes “the libertarian assumptions central to free-speech law and free-speech ideology,” which he says is “forbidden to judge the quality and moral worth of public speech,” and therefore, should “fall under the ax.”

The law professor even goes as far as stating that “property rights and economic rights will also have to go,” because they “bar the state from enforcing duties of community and solidarity in the use and distribution of resources.”

Vermeule claims that this “global pandemic” makes for the perfect opportunity to implement such strategies that grow government, insisting that “it has become clear that a just governing order must have ample power to cope with large-scale crises of public health and well-being.”

The professor also noted that when he says the government should get involved in “health,” he is referring to that “in many senses, not only literal and physical but also metaphorical and social.”

Vermeule even acknowledges that “the central aim of the constitutional order is to promote good rule, not to ‘protect liberty’ as an end in itself,” and that one common-good principle will be “that no constitutional right to refuse vaccination exists.”

The Constitution and people’s rights were never based on circumstance, and the government, of course, is full of incompetent politicians who listen to incompetent experts mumble about coronavirus being a deadly virus despite the fact that all data indicates that the virus is as dangerous as the flu — so how can we even entertain the idea that these incompetent “experts” have any idea about what the common good is and how to achieve it?

Besides, the common good for whom?

White America, the real Americans, or the new Americans?

If these experts dislike the United States and its constitution so much, they are welcome to go build a new country in some uninhabited island somewhere.

They can implement their lunatic ideas and their “no right to refuse vaccination exists” principle there, and see how many people choose to go there.

Of course, no one would willingly go to such a country, which is why they’re trying to turn the country virtually everyone in the world would love to be in into this weird satanic nightmare where the behind-the-scenes people controlling the government have total control over the population.