Harry Can’t Stop Fixing Meghan Markle’s Hair (Joe Biden Finger-Sucking Tier Weird)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 6, 2020

What do you get when you combine autism, mommy issues and modern liberalism?

You get a redheaded autist compulsively fixing the hair of a jungle woman.

Daily Mail:

Royal fans have joked that Prince Harry’s post-Megxit job will be fixing his wife’s hair after a sweet video of the Duke of Sussex went viral.

A clip shared to Twitter by Australian royal fan Michelle compiles various occasions that Harry helped Meghan adjust her locks during official royal engagements in 2019.

Scenes include Harry untucking his wife’s ponytail after she was presented with a necklace during their tour of Morocco, and smoothing down her hair after it was tousled by the wind during her charity cookbook launch at Kensington Palace.

It prompted TV critic Jim Shelley to joke that ‘this is Harry’s job now‘, while royal fans were delighted by the footage, saying it’s proof of how besotted the Duke of Sussex is with the former Suits star.

And while a handful of people said that they would not be happy with their partner constantly touching their hair, the majority couldn’t help swooning over the ‘adorable’ footage.

“Royal fans” means “white women.”

And of course white women are delighted by the idea of a white man being the submissive hair-fixer of a primitive jungle person. Women are fixated on the humiliation of men and they celebrate it wherever they find it.

They want us all to be submissive little autists chronically fixing the hair of barbaric jungle creatures.