Harley-Davidson to Sell Their Poorly Made and Unfashionable Doom Machines to India

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 15, 2020

“When you ride a hog down the streets of India, you live where you shit. Take it easy, partner. This is freedom.”

Since baby boomers sold out the entire country and ensured that a large portion of millennials and zoomers will never own a house, let alone have a disposable income, the iconic boomer motorcycle company Harley-Davidson is looking to unload its gaudy and decadent pieces of shit on a nation with streets paved with shit.

I’m sure these shitty bikes will look great on a designated shitting street.


India has offered to slash trade levies on Harley-Davidson motorcycles ahead of a state visit from US President Donald Trump later this month, who has hinted at signing a trade deal with his Indian counterpart during the trip.

While New Delhi previously slapped a 100 percent tariff on Harleys as part of an ongoing trade spat with Washington, they were cut by half last year. Trump, however, still deemed that “unacceptable,” insisting they come down further. With a major trade deal now hanging in the balance, India appears ready to fulfill that request – at least partially.

“The issue of Harley-Davidson is already resolved. We will reduce the duty on the bikes above 1,600 cc to a single digit,” an official familiar with the proposal told the Economic Times, though they did not provide any further details about where the levies would ultimately land.

India classifies motorbikes by their engine capacity, measured in cubic centimeters (cc), currently broken down into four categories – 75, 250, 500, and 800cc and above. With the new proposal, India will create a new category of 1,600cc and above, and will only lower tariffs for that class of bikes. That could still mean a significant drop in trade duties, with India importing $20.6 million in bikes 800cc and above between April and December of last year, according to the Economic Times.

Being that it is gaudy, uncomfortable, uneconomical and doesn’t really even hardly work, yet takes up a large amount of space, makes a lot of noise and presents itself as cool and interesting and the peak of fashion while being the exact opposite, the Harley-Davidson embodies everything about the boomer race.

Imagine a people so decadent as to popularize this machine.

And then while doing so, make absolutely certain that none of your children or grandchildren would ever in their lives see enough money at one time to buy something so ridiculous that you bought as a once-a-month weekend hobby item.

Is it any wonder so many people want to wipe these boomers out?