Hardcore Racist Chinamen Leave Weak-Willed Whites Floundering in the Dust

Diversity Macht Frei
September 12, 2018

Ruthless Chinamen are amazing the world with their hardcore, unabashed racism. These Chinks just don’t care.

What are they up to now?

Brainwashing Muslims to make them forget their faith.


Western countries need to study these Chinese techniques and adopt them.

The slant-eyed furies are also going to Africa and beating the natives with sticks whenever they don’t work hard enough.

Wise men throughout the ages have averred that the negro has a natural tendency towards indolence. Aristotle (or was it Nietzsche, or maybe Kierkegaard or some other famous-type guy) said the only way you could get a hard day’s work out of a black was by enslaving him. These bold Chinamen are trying to achieve the same result with a carrot-and-stick approach, minus the carrot.

It looks like Yellow-Black ethnic tensions are really hotting up in the Dark Continent.

Here two Chinamen attack an African minister. They are massively outnumbered. They just don’t care.

Here another Chinaman tells a Kenyan to his face that his people are like monkeys and that he is singling him out for racial persecution. When the Kenyan politely points out to him that what he is doing was “extremely wrong”, the Chinaman replies: “I DON’T CARE”. He tells the Kenyan that his people are “smelly”, “black”, “foolish” and “poor” and asks why they can’t be “bright people, like Americans”.

This video got some publicity and provoked outrage.

The Chinaman was then grabbed and deported for “racism”. Africans may soon be getting nostalgic for the soft and benevolent racism of Whitey.

The kind of ruthless racial self-assertion that these Chinks engage in is world-beating. Whites can’t compete with it. Not now that we have sunk into the abyss of altruism.

As Baudelaire said: The world belongs to the one who doesn’t care. These Chinamen don’t care. They don’t care about human rights. They don’t care about decency. They don’t care about the fucked-up moral standards the Jews have imposed on us. That’s why the world will soon be theirs.

It wasn’t that long ago that Whites were as hardcore as these Chinamen. Ask yourself: is the world really a better place now that they’re not?