Hardcore Eco-Commie Death Cult Takes to the Streets, Shuts the Cities Down!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 10, 2019

There appear to be angry left-wing groups emerging every other week or so. All of them seem to have crazier and crazier demands. They started out just wanting a good-old fashioned vanilla rebellion – but now we’re hearing about their plans to force baby-killing and bug-eating on society.

These Extinction Rebellion (XR) people are more radical than Antifa, by far. Antifa actually has a positive vision for the future – some kind of giant hippy commune where everyone gets laid while high or something. That’s something that people can get behind. You may not like the idea, or think that it’s feasible – but it is more positive than what XR is pushing.

We are dealing with a Doomsday Cult here. 

When you have thousands of hormonally imbalanced young people with no money who think that the world is ending in 5 years, you’re going to have a lot of crazy stuff going down. Combine that with the fact that the entirety of the media, the celebrity class and many politicians support these crazies.

You think the police will stop them? Don’t make me laugh!

Society is morally prostrating before them, so believe me when I say that this is just the beginning.

They’re shutting down airports now!

Daily Mail:

An Extinction Rebellion protester was arrested on board a plane a London City Airport today as flight passengers faced chaos after the climate activists unleashed a three-day Hong Kong-style protest.

The man forced the Aer Lingus flight to Dublin to turn around on the runway as angry passengers urged cabin crew to ‘do us all a favour and remove him from the plane’, with others telling him: ‘You need to sit down.’

The major security breach comes as passengers arriving for flights had to show their boarding cards before entering the terminal, after XR protesters declared they would occupy and shut down the airport in East London.

Witnesses reported ‘an extraordinary number of police officers’ at the terminal as demonstrators try to emulate protesters who cancelled more than 1,000 flights as they condemned police brutality in Hong Kong.

Viewers of a video of the incident said it could have been far worse, with one tweeting: ‘This is a major breach of airport security. Lucky he was only an eco-preacher not a terrorist. Things would have been very different.’

Police had arrested 12 people with the demonstration just 30 minutes old this morning after it began at 9am as video footage showed people involved in the ‘Fly Today, No Tomorrow’ protest being dragged away by officers.

Around 150 protesters were sitting in the road outside the terminal by lunchtime – chanting and blocking all traffic in and out of the airport, as police moved in to arrest them one by one for alleged public order fences.  

Some of the photos are hardcore AF.

Don’t let the green colors fool you. We are witnessing the birth of some sort of new and more radical organization.

Big things are coming, folks. 

All the momentum is on the Communist Mutant Army’s side at the moment. All the movies seem to be unanimous in their calls for a Communist Mutant Army to take to the streets and overthrow the federal government.

There’s this one that came out recently (I think it was about a clown or something) that called for the schizos to rise up in the streets.

It’s called Joker and the Communists absolutely loved it. Don’t believe me? Michael Moore called for all of his fans to go out and see it.

His statement on the movie:

On Wednesday night I attended the New York Film Festival and witnessed a cinematic masterpiece, the film that last month won the top prize as the Best Film of the Venice International Film Festival. It’s called ‘Joker’ — and all we Americans have heard about this movie is that we should fear it and stay away from it. We’ve been told it’s violent and sick and morally corrupt — an incitement and celebration of murder. We’ve been told that police will be at every screening this weekend in case of ‘trouble.’ Our country is in deep despair, our constitution is in shreds, a rogue maniac from Queens has access to the nuclear codes — but for some reason, it’s a movie we should be afraid of.

“I would suggest the opposite: The greater danger to society may be if you DON’T go see this movie. Because the story it tells and the issues it raises are so profound, so necessary, that if you look away from the genius of this work of art, you will miss the gift of the mirror it is offering us. Yes, there’s a disturbed clown in that mirror, but he’s not alone — we’re standing right there beside him.”


This shouldn’t really be surprising.

Michael Moore, for all of his faults, really really wants the Communist revolution that he’s been shilling for his entire life. He wants to see it all burn down before he keels over from a grease-induced heart-attack.

With Donald Trump as the perfect Billionaire-Boomer foil, the Schizo-Left thinks that this is their chance. They’re riling up the kids, loading up on Prozac and hitting the streets dressed up in paint and bizarre clothes.

The Gaming Community has only one option now – we have to go AFK and let the schizos and crazies do the heavy-lifting for us – I’m talking about letting them “carry the team” for all those Fortnite youngsters out there.

These death cults popping up everywhere seem to be indicating that people are starting to lose their minds and that other people are going to start dying.

Definitely a moment to step back, say “I told you so!” and just let events run their course for a bit if ever there was one, if you ask me.