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The US State Department has slammed the military coup in Guinea, saying it undermines the West African country’s path to ‘a brighter future’, after a special forces unit apparently seized power and detained President Alpha Conde.

“The United States condemns today’s events in Conakry,” the US State Department statement said. “These actions could limit the ability of the United States and Guinea’s other international partners to support the country as it navigates a path toward national unity and a brighter future for the Guinean people.”

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres previously voiced similar sentiments, condemning “any takeover of the government by force of the gun” and calling for the “immediate release of President Alpha Conde.” The African Union also called for Conde’s immediate release, while the Economic Community of West African States threatened sanctions unless Guinea’s constitutional order was restored.

The unrest broke out in the capital city on Sunday morning, with reports of heavy gunfire and heavily armed soldiers roaming the area near the presidential palace and other government buildings. By day’s end, the junta claimed to have arrested the president, disbanded the government, closed borders and declared an indefinite nationwide curfew.

The coup is reportedly led by Lieutenant Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, a former French legionnaire and an elite military unit commander. “We have decided, after having taken the president, to dissolve the constitution,” he said in a video cited by AFP. He also ordered Conde’s cabinet ministers to convene at 11:00 am Monday, stating that any “refusal to attend will be considered a rebellion.”

“We are no longer going to entrust politics to one man, we are going to entrust politics to the people,” Doumbouya said in a public TV address. “Guinea is beautiful. We don’t need to rape Guinea anymore, we just need to make love to her.”

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There were hardcore protests against Alpha the Beta in 2019, after he tried some bitch ass bullshit.

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The democracy government ended up killing 800 people for protesting against Alpha the Beta.

The Secretary of State from the US again doesn’t even comment.

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The world is having a hard time, what with the global system of hoaxes.

It was guaranteed that there would be big changes in the world.

I’m always supportive of anything against democracy, so I wish these hard niggas the best in their quest to make sweet love to their country.

Democracy is the Jew system, it is the Empire of Evil. The less democracy we have in the world, the better.

Guinea is a small and seemingly irrelevant country, but in overthrowing democracy, they are effectively overthrowing the ZOG occupation (if they go through with it).

Nigeria’s president is riding rough and got banned from Twitter. Anyone who gets banned from Twitter is real.

Other blacks have been rolling hard and stomping out the Jew vax.

Four of them were assassinated in a short period – the African leader of Haiti was also taken out for refusing the Jewish death jab.

Fact checkers are checking ur facts.

(That’s real by the way – Reuters fact check released one article after four anti-vax leaders were assassinated, then released a modified version when the number reached five.)

It seems likely that the military decided to move after seeing the Taliban win. It could be totally unrelated, but Guinea is a Sunni Islamic country, so it makes sense they’d be inspired by the Taliban, and decide to clear this gay faggot bitch shit out of their own country.

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