Hard Lindsey Graham Tweets at James Comey: “See You Soon”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 25, 2019

Following the announcement that the Mueller investigation found zero evidence of any kind of a conspiracy by Donald Trump to work with the Russians to win the 2016 election, James Comey – who is responsible for getting Jew Rod Rosenstein to launch the probe under the pretext of #pissgate – tweeted out “So many questions.”

The tweet featured a picture of him in the woods.

Lindsey Graham – now often known as “Hard Lindsey” – quote-tweet the reply: “Could not agree more. See you soon.”

I’m not going to hold my breath for James Comey to get called in and accused of treason, even though he is obviously guilty of it.

But if there is someone who is going to take the fall for this 2 year hoax, it is him.

For one thing, he’s one of the only goys involved. Rosenstein, Schiff, the entire Mueller team (excluding Mueller himself) – all Jews.

For another thing, Comey really made the Democrats angry and was himself blamed for Trump’s 2016 after he released a statement that he was reopening the Hillary Clinton email investigation a week before the election.

Clearly, whatever he was acting on when he went nuts at that Congressional hearing that led to Rosenstein opening the probe was a hoax and malicious. We now know from his notes that the only reason he had to believe Trump was working with Russians was that he’d read the #pissgate dossier and claims to have thought it was real. We now know that the #pissgate dossier was based on random blog posts.

Comey knew that it was funded by Clinton before the election, when he was part of the plot to get a FISA court to issue a warrant to spy on Trump during the campaign. Rosenstein was also involved in that conspiracy. They defrauded a secret court.

Basically, all of it is obvious treason, and if there was any type of justice in the American system, now that this charade is over, all of these people would be hauled in to explain just what the hell they were up to, and a second investigation would be opened into the conspiracy to hoax a conspiracy.

But… I don’t think that is going to happen.

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