“Hard Jen” Psaki Says Biden Slaughters His Enemies to Death

On Friday, Jen Psaki, now known as “Hard Jen,” told Peter Doocy that Joe Biden does not want the airport bombers “to live on this earth anymore.”

I thought the statement was very weird.

But liberals are very excited about bombing Moslems.

No trials for people accused of something.

We just kill ’em.

That’s ‘merica.

Joe Biden is of course now claiming he did kill them.

He did a bombing and killed one person, who is the leader of the new strain of ISIS known as ISIS-K.

Meanwhile, the Jews are out there alongside the Republicans saying that this war cannot ever end, and we must reinvade the country as revenge for our airport.

To these Republicans saying we should keep the war going, Democrats are saying: “yes, we agree with you.”

Look at this video of Hard Biden with Hard Music.

The British are also saying we should keep the war going.

Meanwhile, the most important thing is that we bring tens of thousands of refugees to America.

Personally, I only really have one question here.