Happy Ramadan!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 17, 2018

Today is the beginning of Ramadan.

You know what that means, right? 

Moslems all around the world prepare to beat last year’s high score:

The stakes are high. Last year’s score was double the year before’s. 

That means that there’s a very high bar set for participants in this year’s bombathon.

Now people are thinking about what European country will be hit the first and then the hardest. As usual this year, the top contenders are France, UK, Sweden, Belgium, Germany and the US.

But my money is on the dark horse. 


Think about it. They’ve been getting steadily more based. The wrath of the Irate Italian was unleashed a couple of months ago.

And the Italian public actually supported this brave man’s actions.

The mother of the dead girl accepted Luca’s flowers

He was only targeting niggers, but still. It’s the anti-immigrant sentiment that counts. Moslems fall under that.

By my reasoning, that means Mossad might activate one of their cells in Rome soon, lest the goyim start getting too bold.

Now, when trying to guess where the next terror attack will be, you have to understand that most of the more organized mass-killings have political motivation behind them.

It’s easy to just ascribe the terrorism to Moslems chimping out like the sandniggers they are.

While this is the case some of the time, it is not the case in the big attacks. 

Usually, the reason that the Moslems do these things is to get concessions from the government and to terrorize any European voices from vocally dissenting to Islam.

Think about Charlie Hebdo, the satirical magazine that was shot up by haji for publishing cartoons mocking Islam.

To their credit, the magazine did continue to mock Islam (though much less often) – but when they did, the people themselves were like “yo, you gotta knock that off – you remember what happened last time, right?”

That’s the police officer not the journalists, but still

This is because terrorists work hand in hand with moderates.

You have one dude in a ski mask with a gun aimed at your head demanding that you give him what he wants and a nice guy in a business suit standing next to him – no relation to the first guy whatsoever – and he politely suggests that you give the armed man what he wants.

That’s the relationship that the radical Moslem terrorists have with the moderates.

The radicals terrorize and the moderates offer helpful solutions to Europeans about how to avoid the next attack… if they know what’s good for them.

And look at how much the Islamic community has managed to accomplish!

With the friendly help of our greatest allies, European governments now arrest people critical of Moslems all over Europe.

And so, things have actually become relatively peaceful recently, actually.

Apart from the occasional knife-attack and van-plowing that is – but that’s just part and parcel of living in a Moslem city anywhere.

And its a different MO than the bombs and machine guns of a few years ago.

And yet everyone in Bataclan Arrondissement voted against Le Pen the next year anyway. 

So I wager that the Moslem attacks will step up in countries that have not yet bent over backward to appease them. 

And they will ease off in countries that already have.

Either way, Ramadan Mubarak to you all.