Happy Mother’s Day

Daily Stormer
May 11, 2014

We demand a future for White children.
We demand a future for White children.

As our country celebrates Mother’s Day, we should remember not just our own mothers, but all of our ancestral mothers. These are the women who fought, struggled, suffered and loved on behalf of future generations, on behalf of us. It was only through this struggle that our unique DNA has survived to the present day.

In our dark age when our race’s survival is threatened, we owe even greater gratitude to those White women today who consciously chose to avoid race-mixing and work to grow our race through the toil of motherhood. Their efforts will help to bring forth a racially aware generation, and ultimately the salvation of our folk.

White motherhood is something to be praised and cherished. It is our only hope for the future.


NT; (c) Killerton; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

George Goodwin Kilburne - Mother and Daughter