Happy Independence Day and Stormer Day

Today is the 244th birthday of America and the 7th birthday of the Daily Stormer. It’s been a long strange trip on both accounts.

There were no parades today and no fireworks in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio, but I’m quite sure that black people will not be interrupted as they shoot guns into the sky, which they do for some reason. I guess they just get into the freedom spirit.

Watch this local Columbus news report from 2018, it’s funny.

Of course, this year I guess blacks hate America and want to destroy it because of colonialism and abusing the Indians. But I do expect there will be a lot of gunfire.

Despite the fact that we are locked down, it’s unlikely we will ever have another Independence Day with this much freedom. This time next year, we’re likely going to be sitting six months out from Joe Biden’s inauguration, and I don’t think we’re going to be allowed to celebrate America. Not because of the virus, though I’m sure that issue will still be hanging around, but because it will be considered an act of hatred.

And we should be thinking about the big picture here. “What will things look like a year from now?” is a good exercise to help you form big pictures.

Firstly, it should be said again and again and again that President Trump took the advice of Tucker Carlson and I and stood in front of a monument dedicated to the nation’s heroes and said that he would defend the people, our identity and our history. He condemned white guilt, and called those trying to make us guilty “evil.” Watch or read this speech. You will feel happiness.

When you accompany the speech with the fact he had someone take this picture of him…

…you might start to get a little tingle in your spine, like a bit of that old 2016 energy might be coming back.

If he is able to win this election and just manage to hold down the fort until Tucker can take over in 2024, that is exactly where his face will need to go.

The interesting thing is that there was no possibility of getting back this energy if the Jewish media hadn’t decided to launch this cultural revolution. He wasn’t going to be able to build that energy on fighting AOC’s Green New Deal or talking about the economy. But the stakes have been raised, and if he goes all in – as the speech on Friday suggested he’s planning to do – then we could win big.

Or not.

I’m not confident that he is going to keep to the Rushmore Doctrine. This man simply has not been reliable. The chance exists. However, the chance also exists that they’re going to use a second coronavirus lockdown to pull off their vote by mail conspiracy, and he’ll lose no matter what he does.

So we have to continue to do everything we can to get him reelected while also preparing for the eventuality that it doesn’t work out and we end up in a hell on earth.

There isn’t going to be a federal ban on Independence Day in 2021 under a President Biden. However, what you will see happen is the same thing that you’ve seen with the systematic statue removal by city governments: cities with Democrat mayors will announce that they won’t be funding the holiday because it is a symbol of white supremacy and oppression of brown people. They will cancel parades and fireworks, and tell people to somberly study Native American culture instead.

Exhibit A: “Native American culture.”

If Donald Trump isn’t able to squeeze the brakes on this revolution, then it is just going to keep going, until it invades absolutely every aspect of all of our lives. Everything we knew growing up will be taken from us, and replaced with guilt-driven platitudes about how every white person on earth is personally responsible for every bad thing that happened in human history, regardless of whether or not that bad thing actually even happened.

That humorless march of destruction will be punctuated by ongoing horrific violence. What they are doing with their “defund the police” movement is preparing for a situation where nonwhites and Antifa can hurt and kill traditional Americans with impunity. Understand that. When the Democrats take full control of our government, the killing is going to begin.

Right now is the time to get prepared. If you can get land outside of the city, do so. The money is going to be worthless at some not-too-distant point anyway, so it’s better to own land than dollars. If you already live somewhere outside of a major city, you should be running for some office. Find out which offices are available, and run uncontested if you can.

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You can’t go home again. Nothing is ever going to be normal. Whether Trump wins or loses, the situation can only continue to escalate.

I encourage you to study the history of America and Europe before it so that you understand that we are fighting for more than mere survival. We are fighting for an identity, a culture and a civilization built by men who had the same blood as we have running through our veins.

Stormer Day

Today is also the anniversary of the launch of the Daily Stormer, an event which took place in 2013. It was really another world back then. That’s a frail cliche, but the world changed more between 2013 and 2020 than it did between 1939 and 1946.

I don’t want to do too much tooting of my own horn here, as it isn’t really my style, but I would just like to point out that I was pretty far ahead of the curve on this stuff. I’m confident I am equally ahead of the curve on recognizing the direction this revolution is going in.

I plan to keep going for seven more years, and then another seven more after that. If you can, please learn how to use bitcoin by following my simple guide and then send me some money. It’s not hard. I really do need it. Things are not going well for me with regards to that.