Happy Easter

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 5, 2015

Touch my wounds, brothers.  I am here in the flesh.
Touch my wounds, brothers. I am here in the flesh.

Today is the holiest day on the Christian calender, and it is important to remember why.

Christ was an example, both in deed and in metaphor.  The metaphor of the crucifixion and resurrection is the metaphor for all of life.  Life is suffering, but it is through that suffering that we become something more.  We must die in order to be born again.

This is where the meaning is.  In the fight.  Victory is inevitable and absolute.  But it is the struggle, this is where the transformation takes place.

Jesus fought the Jew, and when it seemed as though the Jew had won, killing him, he rose from the grave.  So too are we dead, and so too shall we rise from the grave.

Just so, each of us as individuals must suffer in order to truly become what we are meant to be.

When we lost WWII, we died.  We are now in Hell.  But the dawn is about to break, and we shall rise from the grave, living flesh, moving toward Heaven.

Hail Victory.