Happy Birthday, Adolf Hitler

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 20, 2019

Today is the 130th birthday of the heroic freedom fighter Adolf Hitler, the man who came closest of anyone to finally stopping these kikes.

It is fitting that his day comes right between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Fancy that.

I think it is appropriate on this day to dispel some of the lies surrounding Adolf Hitler.

A popular lie among idiotic boomers is that Hitler was somehow not right-wing. They normally claim that he wasn’t right-wing because “National Socialist” has the word “socialist” in it.

However, everything Hitler actually did was right-wing.

Adolf Hitler:

  • Fought communism
  • Banned pornography
  • Banned homosexuality
  • Banned abortion
  • Banned Jews
  • Protected the nation from international finance
  • Defended the family
  • Defended Christianity
  • Defended the German and general European culture

In fact, he only used the word “socialist” because it was a popular meme at the time. After the NSDAP achieved power, Ernst Röhm, the head of the SA, tried to enact a workers’ revolution, and Hitler responded by killing him. He also killed him because he was a fag.

The economy of Hitler’s Germany was a mixed economy, like all economies, but they had a much smaller welfare state than modern America. Remember that this was the same time period that FDR did the new deal. Across the developed world, people were upset about abuses that had taken place during the industrial revolution, so it was natural and good to enact reforms.

Boomers will also claim that Hitler took people’s guns. In actual fact, Germany never had a Second Amendment, so people in Germany did not have gun rights when Hitler was appointed Chancellor. He actually did a lot to expand gun rights for the people. The only “people” whose guns he took were Jews, and he did this because Jews are a race of terrorists. Terrorists should not be allowed to own guns. Excluding the ban on Jews, no single new gun restriction was added under Hitler, and many were loosened.

Nazi Germany was a freedom country, and one that protected the people and culture from its enemies.

If any single boomer conservative says that Hitler was “left-wing,” I would ask them, if Hitler had won the war, would we have:

  • Child trannies
  • Mass drug addiction
  • Mass abortion
  • The destruction of Christianity
  • Mass immigration
  • Islamic terrorism
  • Widespread divorce and the death of the family
  • Convicted pedophile trannies reading to children at the public library
  • Rampant pornography
  • Feminism
  • Black people running amok and killing everyone
  • Gay pride parades with gigantic dildos everywhere

The obvious answer – which no conservative can deny – is that we would have not one of those things.

And this is not controversial or debatable.

So why are they against Hitler?

What is the reason?

It makes no sense whatsoever, and the only explanation is that they are brainwashed by Jews.

Here are some of Hitler’s paintings, so that we may remember he was a kind and sensitive soul who wanted only to be an artist, but was forced by circumstance to become a warrior.

Never forget that the Jews must be made to pay for their crimes against us and that Adolf Hitler must be avenged.