HAPPENING: Van Plows Into Moslems After Prayers in London – WHITE REVENGE???

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 19, 2017


Well, it looks like there were no deaths.

Ten injured.

Fox News:

Witnesses told Sky News that the driver, described as a white man, appeared to hit the crowd “deliberately.” The crash immediately raised concerns of another terrorist attack in London; however, police did not reveal the possible cause.

Witnesses also told Sky News some 10 people were hurt, but police and medical officials would not confirm that.

The Finsbury Park Mosque is about a 20-minute drive north of London Bridge. The mosque was associated with extremist ideology for several years after the 9/11 attacks in the United States but was shut down and reorganized. It has not been associated with radical views for more than a decade.

Original article follows.

Is this a… white revenge attack against Moslems?

Is such a thing even possible…?

The Independent:

Several pedestrians have been injured after being hit by a van near a mosque in London.

Witnesses said the vehicle veered off the road into worshippers leaving prayers in Finsbury Park shortly after midnight.

Footage showed injured people motionless on the pavement as angry crowds surrounded a white man believed to be the driver.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said officers were called at 12.20am.

“Officers are on the scene with other emergency services,” he added. “There are a number of casualties being worked on at the scene. There has been one person arrested. Enquiries continue.”

Police did not confirm claims Muslims leaving the mosque after Tarawih prayers performed for the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

As unconfirmed reports swirled, former EDL leader Tommy Robinson, real name Stephen Lennon, was condemned for accusing the mosque of past links with extremists.

“I genuinely hope the innocent people targeted tonight outside the mosque are ok,” he later wrote on Twitter.

It was unclear whether worshippers had been leaving the Finsbury Park Mosque or nearby Muslim Welfare House, which said the incident happened “five minutes from us”.

The London Ambulance Service said it had sent a number of resources to the scene but could not immediately be reached to confirm details of casualties.

Part of Seven Sisters Road has been closed as the operation continues.


I’m giving myself permission to speak frankly here.

This site, and I myself, am opposed to violence. I have made that abundantly clear, from the time I started this site and before.

So if this was a white man taking revenge, I do not support that.

However, I’m not going to condemn it either.

And I’m sure as fuck not going to “genuinely hope the innocent people targeted tonight outside the mosque are ok.”

I don’t give a single shit if these people are okay, or accept the assumption that they are innocent.

Sure, every time a Moslem spontaneously enriches us, some Moslem leader comes out and says “oh deary me, Islam is a religion of peace, we condemn these actions” – but they are always just figureheads, who get paid to play that role. The overwhelming majority of Moslems – even public figures – do not condemn, and often come out and support it, and are never even attacked by the media for that.

So if you want someone to apologize for this, go look up The Rebel Media’s Tommy Robinson, who is quoted there in the article.

Jared Taylor is probably available to apologize for it as well.

I am not apologizing.

And I’m not pretending I give a fuck how many of these animals died.

I will tell you all: don’t ever do anything like this. Don’t encourage others to do anything like this. Don’t talk on the internet about doing anything like this. I tell you that so you protect yourself, you protect the movement, you protect this website – and honestly, killing a few of these people doesn’t really do anything to forward our agenda, and in some ways, it can set it back.

But don’t apologize for it. Don’t condemn it.

Say this: “This attack, like the attacks by Moslems, is an unfortunate consequence of the Jewish program of mass immigration and demographic replacement. It’s not a nice thing, but it is an inevitable thing, and the blame for it lies squarely on the Jews who brought these people into our country and the white traitors who helped them do it.”

What Now, Jew Media?

If this is what it appears to be – and not some accident, which we don’t know yet – and they try to make a bigger deal of it than they do out of the attacks on us by them, then it is really going to blow up in their faces.

Every single white male, somewhere inside themselves, sympathizes with someone trying to take revenge on this foreign army that has invaded our nations and stole the treasures bestowed on us by our ancestors, raped our women and killed us on the streets.

Most of them aren’t able to admit it, but it is there, subconsciously. That is biological.

We are in a war.

And it is a race war.

And everyone knows it.

Updates to follow.

NOTE: Please be careful in the comments. Do not say anything that can be construed as encouraging more attacks like this, or you will be banned. There is a big difference between refusing to condemn and endorsing or calling for more of this. I know some people have a hard time understanding that difference, but it is a very clear and important difference, and one of those things is allowed on this site and the other is not. As always, calling for or encouraging acts of violence will result in a permanent ban from the site. 

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