Happening: Trump Retweets Two More White Genocide Accounts Back-to-Back

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 25, 2016

Our Glorious Leader and ULTIMATE SAVIOR has gone full-wink-wink-wink to his most aggressive supporters.

After having been attacked for retweeting a White Genocide account a few days ago, Trump went on to retweet two more White Genocide accounts, back to back.

The first was from @keksec__org, who has renamed his account “White Genocide.”

Four minutes later, he retweeted @NeilTurner_, who’s account name is “#WhiteGenocide.”

He has actually tweeted keksec before.

Where as the odd White genocide tweet could be a random occurrence, it isn’t statistically possible that two of them back to back could be a random occurrence. It could only be deliberate.

There is no way that this could be anything other than both a wink-wink-wink and a call for more publicity on his campaign. The media is going to say “Trump doubles down on White genocide” and he will just not respond to request for comment, and if it gets brought up in an interview he’ll just say “you know, we retweet a lot of people, a lot of people feel strongly about my campaign and want to make America great again, everybody likes me.”

Today in America the air is cold and it tastes like victory.


Neil Turner commented on the article, saying that he changed his name to “#WhiteGenocide” after Trump retweeted him. However, he also said that this is not the first time Trump has retweeted him. Even if his name was not “#WhiteGenocide” at the time of the retweet, his page was nonetheless filled with anti-White Genocide materials.