Happening: Stabbings at Matt Heimbach’s TradYouth Rally in Sacramento!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 26, 2016

Today’s TradYouth rally in Sacramento turned into a complete fiasco with multiple people getting stabbed and dozens upon dozens attacked.

LA Times:

At least five people were stabbed, some critically, during clash between a neo-Nazi rally and counter protesters at the state capitol in Sacramento Sunday, fire officials said.

Chris Harvey, public information officer for the Sacramento Fire Department, said five patients were transported to local hospitals with critical stab wounds. Several other people suffered cuts, scrapes and bruises but were not taken to the hospital, Harvey said.

“It was quite a bit of a melee,” Harvey said, mentioning that several different groups had descended on the Capitol, including counter protesters.

Harvey said he did not know which groups the stabbing victims were from.

Emergency responders got the call at roughly 11:45 am. The victims were spread out over the Capitol grounds, which covers multiple blocks in downtown Sacramento, Harvey said. As of 12:45pm, the crowds had been dispersed and most protesters had left the area.

The Traditional Worker Party, a white supremacist, anti-immigration group, was holding a march Sunday “to protest against globalization and in defense of the right to free expression,” according to the group’s website. They appeared to be vastly outnumbered by counter protesters, who held up signs that read “Nazi scum,” according to photos and videos posted on social media.

An organizer of the rally who wasn’t at the capitol, said on a web live stream that one person from his group had been stabbed and was being transported to the hospital.

“They got one of us but we got six of them,” he said.

This is the way the Jews work. If they can’t stop you from speaking through legal means, they will just stab you on the streets in response to your free speech.

Absolutely unbelievable.

These people have just declared war.

Consider the challenge accepted, faggots.

Here’s Matt on Red Ice.

This is all happening live, right now.

Here is the series of Tweets from ABC 10 reporter Frances Wang.

Matt will be giving further details himself soon, as this madness continues to unfold and exactly what has happened becomes clear.

Whatever the case, this is a major victory for Neo-Nazism, proving that we are the normal and peaceful people and the leftist SJWs are the violent psychopaths.

It’s getting huge media coverage.

One way or another, we will have justice for what has happened today.

Hail Matthew Heimbach.

Hail TradYouth.

Hail Victory.